Dillon Danis claims he’s appealing DQ decision in Logan Paul fight

Dillon Danis has declared his intention to challenge his DQ defeat to Logan Paul, carrying on his custom of causing more harm outside of the ring than inside of it.

Following the release of the Prime Card findings to the public, disappointment appears to be the prevailing consensus. Tommy Fury defeated KSI via unanimous decision, and Dillon Danis was disqualified from his match against Logan Paul.

Danis claimed on Twitter that he had won the war overall, despite the DQ appearing to be a clear loss. He very definitely did, if a $100,000 My.Club agreement is the reward for winning.

Danis has continued his Twitter rant following the game, saying that he will be appealing the DQ ruling to “the commission.” Danis is presumably alluding to the Professional Boxing Association, which gave the card its license.

Danis made his announcement in response to a tweet from IFN Boxing that questioned whether Logan Paul should have been disqualified when his security entered the ring.

The appeal was filed because the former mixed martial arts boxer claimed Paul had committed “multiple offenses.” Twitter users have questioned the validity of Danis’ appeal in light of the fact that his security staff entered the ring as well.

“Is that not Dillon’s security coming in at the same time?” one user asked. They directed viewers’ attention to the bottom right of the clip shared by IFN Boxing, where it does appear that Danis’ team stepped within the ropes.

Others called out Danis’ multiple takedown attempts during a boxing match, which, for the uninitiated, are considered illegal. “You started wrestling him in the middle of a boxing match, and now you’re complaining about rule violations,” one incredulous user put forth.

The match between Danis and Paul was intended to be the culmination of a protracted feud between the two. Danis’ “harassment” of Paul’s fiance, Nina Agdal, resulted in a restraining order and lawsuit.

It appears the feud isn’t over now that Danis claims to be appealing his disqualification. However, Danis also made claims that he would “starch” Logan Paul, so maybe don’t hold your breath for this one.

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