Logan Paul takes pride in firing Dillon Danis following their boxing contest.

During his live return to WWE Raw, Logan Paul made fun of Dillon Danis, saying that he fired the former mixed martial arts champion after Danis defeated him on the Prime program.

Logan and Jake Paul have been at odds with Dillon Danis for years, and even though Logan defeated him in a boxing bout, the feud hasn’t been resolved.

When they faced off on October 14, Danis had pledged to defeat the YouTuber, but the former UFC fighter hardly made an impression. The bout also came to an odd finish when Danis challenged Logan to a grapple before starting a brawl as the last bell rang.

Since then, he has filed an appeal against the ruling that gave Logan the win, arguing that a security guard had entered the ring before to the disqualification. The ImPaulsive host is still soaking up the attention for the time being, though.

Logan Paul takes shot at Dillon Danis for getting “dropped” from Bellator

In fact, Logan made his return to WWE’s Monday Night Raw on October 23 and referenced the result of the fight as well, gloating about his win. 

He wouldn’t, or couldn’t, refer to Danis by name, labeling him only as “my opponent” but it was clearly a swipe sent his opponent’s way.

“That idiot, whom I defeated in my boxing match last week, humiliated himself to such an extent that his fight league dropped him.” abandoned. That implies that I caused him to lose both the battle and his job. Aw. It stinks to be that guy—unemployed, miserable, and dissatisfied,” Logan remarked.

Danis has previously said that he’s “not done” with either Logan or his fiancee Nina Adgal. He’s still involved in a lawsuit with Nina despite offers to settle things.

That’ll likely mean that comments continue between the two, but they might start to become a bit more protracted as the lawsuit heats up.

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