iOS 18 will leverage AI to make it simpler than ever to understand alerts.

iOS 18 is poised to be a big upgrade, with loads of AI features, and a Bloomberg report reveals that the OS will use AI to summarize your notifications.

A new Bloomberg report, penned by Mark Gurman, reveals an auto-summarization feature for notifications as part of new AI features Apple plans to introduce with the iOS 18. This feature will also give you a quick summary of news articles and transcribe voice memos.

Gurman claims that Apple “will add features that help users with their day-to-day lives — an approach it calls “proactive intelligence” — and improve Siri’s voice capabilities, giving it a more conversational feel.”

This might imply that the upcoming Siri would resemble ChatGPT-4o from OpenAI. The latter produces quick, conversational replies and takes any combination of text, audio, picture, and video as input. Some even speculate that Apple and OpenAI may collaborate to add these functionalities to Siri. Gurman himself revealed earlier this month that Apple and OpenAI have reached an agreement for the iPhone to launch ChatGPT.

According to Gurman, Siri’s “proactive intelligence” will result in functions like notification auto-summaries.

Proactive intelligence encompasses many services such as automatically summarizing iPhone alerts, providing a brief overview of news stories, and recording voice notes. Additionally, it involves enhancing current functions like calendar auto-population and app recommendations. AI-based picture editing will also be improved, although individuals who have been using AI in Adobe Inc.’s programs for a few months won’t be impressed by any of those capabilities, the author stated.

These new features could help Apple catch up to its competitors. According to Gurman, Apple execs themselves admit internally that they are “playing catch-up.”

iOS 18 should be announced during Apple’s WWDC event which will take place from June 10 to 14. However, a public rollout may not begin until September.

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