Rockstar reveals GTA 6 trailer & release window early after massive leak

Following a significant leak that saw the first video appear online before the official release date, the GTA 6 reveal trailer and official release window were made available online early.

Since Rockstar revealed the GTA 6 reveal teaser late last month, gamers have been eagerly awaiting it. There are already some GTA 6 leaks in the wild that seem to have come from the kid of a Rockstar employee.

As a result of an early leak that occurred before the scheduled worldwide announcement, the official GTA 6 reveal is now live. Just a few hours before Rockstar was supposed to release the full video on YouTube, on November 4, the leaked trailer first appeared. The publisher made the decision to abandon its plans and release the official version ahead of schedule just minutes after the leaked version caught fire.

With an ugly “Buy $BTC” watermark covering the video, the clip was initially uploaded to Twitter by an account named Gta6trailerleak. It received over 500,000 views before being removed and overtaken by the official upload.

GTA 6’s 2025 release date was also revealed by the promotional teaser.

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