My Hero Academia Chapter 409: Release date & spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 409: Release date and spoilers: Though spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 409 won’t be available until next week, they have already surfaced. So fasten your seatbelts, because this could be the finest one yet.

If you’re anything like me, you’re undoubtedly eagerly awaiting the publication of My Hero Academia Chapter 409, the next installment in the Final War Saga arc.

In the last chapter, All For One revealed his tragic background, which included killing his own brother Yoichi. We also learned about the unsettling deaths of all prior One for All quirk users.

My Hero Academia’s Chapter 409 hinted at the impending conclusion of All For One, so let’s look at the spoilers.

My Hero Academia Chapter 409 release date and time

Chapter 409 will officially be released on December 11, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST. For international US and European fans, this means the issue will be released on Sunday, December 10. You can find your time zone below:

  • 8am Pacific Standard Time
  • 11am Eastern Standard Time
  • 3pm Greenwich Mean Time
  • 4pm Central European Time
  • 8:30 p.m. Indian Standard Time
  • 11pm Philippine Standard Time
  • 1:30am Australia Central Standard Time (December 11)

spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 409
My Hero Academia Chapter 409: Release date & spoilers: Bakugou’s real shining moment comes in Chapter 409.

My Hero Academia’s 409th chapter will begin with a flashback that depicts Bakugou’s birth. While his father, Masaru, sobs, his mother, Mitsuki, smiles and holds her infant. These flashbacks keep happening as we see Bakugou develop, tormenting Deku and announcing the strength of his peculiarity.

Now that we have cleared things out, let’s move back to the present, when Bakugou says, “Izuku, I won’t mess with you anymore,” and decides to stop bullying Deku.

It would be touching, but it’s at this moment that All For One launches his first attack. However, we know Bakugou has some tricks up his sleeve. He shouts “burst,” leading to an explosion that hits AFO and makes him fall to the ground.

All For One is confused because Bakugou hasn’t moved. But this confusion doesn’t last. Bakugou flies towards AFO and begins explaining what happened. Back at the end of Chapter 406, Bakugou threw explosive sweat drops into AFO’s mouth and then used those explosive sweat drops to attack him with the “burst” command.

AFO is obviously taken aback, as he finds it hard to accept that someone as cunning as Bakugou has outwitted him. And things worsen for him much more. Bakugou’s strike caused AFO more damage than he initially realized, which redirected his own attack.

As AFO launches his attack again, he yells, “This is my story!” at Bakugou. You’re only a supporting role!

However, Bakugou only goes at him once more, using his Howitzer Impact technique this time, which causes a double spread page with many explosions in succession. AFO struggles to fend off Bakugou’s assaults, which makes him think that something was wrong with his quirks—possibly because of his diminutive stature.

The last double spread of the spoilers then return to the battle, as All Might, Mitsuki, Masaru and Yoichi witness Bakugou finally defeating AFO once and for all. With Bakugou going full circle and exclaiming, “This is our story!”

It’s a joyous moment. Although, fans might want to hold off their celebrations until the next chapter is released. There’ll be a bit of a wait though, because the manga will be on a break next week.

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