Before a big battle, One Piece anime announces a delay.

Fans of One Piece are anticipating the confrontation between Shanks and Kid, but the anime has abruptly postponed it.

The greatest Shanks moment will soon be shown in the One Piece anime when he battles the Kid Pirates for the second time. The Kid Pirates were defeated the first time they faced him, even before they saw the Yonko. Additionally, Kid had to back down after losing one arm.

After their short partnership in Wano, the Kid Pirates, Heart, and Straw Hat broke up. After that, the Kid Pirates went to Elbaf and issued another challenge to the Red Hair Pirates. But the loss was even more severe. Additionally, we witnessed Shanks use Roger’s “Divine Departure” method on Eustass Kid. Kid and Killer, who intervened to help his commander, were vanquished in an instant by this strike.

One Piece Episode 1107 will end with the Red Hair Pirates and the Kid Pirates preparing for the battle. Shanks is about to leave Elbaf, but the Eustass Kid challenges him first. The anime will soon cover the full fight, but not before an unexpected delay.

🚨 Next week, there will be no new One Piece episode.

Instead, there will be a special episode about the Yonko titled “Engraved History! The Turbulent Old and New Four Emperors!”

(Translation by: @TheWillOfMarco).— Pew (@pewpiece) June 6, 2024

According to timetable, One Piece Episode 1107 will air on June 9, 2024. On June 16, 2024, the anime will air a special recap episode. There will be four Yonkos in the recap. Blackbeard obtained his title during the Summit War, whilst Luffy and Buggy very recently gained theirs. Shanks, meanwhile, has been a Yonko for a time.

Comparing One Piece to other long-running series, there are far less fillers. Recaps are frequently aired every few weeks by the anime in order to keep up with the manga. By doing this, Toei is able to forgo fillers entirely and have enough content for future adaptation.

You can check out the release date and possible spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1117. For more Straw Hats shenanigans, look at why Roger Pirates didn’t act after learning the truth, and our list of the 10 strongest One Piece characters.

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