Salman Khan arrives back in Mumbai from an event in Dubai that was heavily guarded following a shooting incident. view the video

Following a brief visit to Dubai, Bollywood actor Salman Khan is back in Mumbai. This follows his most recent social media message from Dubai, which was his first since an incident involving gunshots close to his Mumbai neighborhood of Bandra. Khan’s comeback comes after he participated in a Karate Combat competition on April 20 in Dubai. On his social media accounts, he even posted a video in which he discussed the occurrence.

Salman Khan returns to Mumbai after Dubai event surrounded by heavy security personnel after firing incident, watch video

Salman was spotted on Sunday morning at the Mumbai airport with strong security guards and his reliable bodyguard Shera. As he left the airport, the actor looked put together in a black T-shirt and white jeans. His automobile was preceded by a police escort with substantial security deployed for his protection.

Almost a week has passed since the shooting outside his home in early April, which left many people shocked, including Salman’s admirers and the film industry. Security surrounding Salman’s home has been greatly increased since the incident. An inquiry into the case has also been initiated by the Mumbai Police.

Vicky Gupta, 24, and Sagar Pal, 21, both from Bihar, are said to have opened fire outside of Khan’s home on April 14. Luckily, nobody was hurt, although the accused was seen shooting toward the residence on the CCTV tape.

Concerns over Khan’s safety were heightened when it was discovered that the detained guys had communication with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Following the event, the family expressed their grief at the “disturbing” act and pledged their full cooperation with the Mumbai Police inquiry in a statement released by Khan’s brother, Arbaaz Khan.

Salman Khan was allowed to carry a personal pistol in reaction to the threats, and it is said that he purchased a new armored vehicle for further security.

For about a year now, Salman Khan has been under Y-plus category security, a high degree of protection assigned to prominent people who face grave threats. Authorities increased security around Khan and his family after the event. For the first time since the incident, Salman was seen leaving the apartment complex on Tuesday, as caught by the media, with heavy police protection.

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