Have questions about using the Meta AI chatbot on WhatsApp? A detailed guide is provided here.

Ever with the release of AI stickers for WhatsApp users in some areas last year, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has been hinting at an AI chatbot for its products.

With its familiar interface and ease of use, WhatsApp’s Meta AI chatbot provides a similar experience to other chatbots within a commonly used app. Users may have conversations with the chatbot just like they would with a human.

But before you can use it for picture generation or conversation, it needs to be activated. So, how precisely can you accomplish that?

How to activate Meta AI on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s meta AI can be activated with new AI logo. — 9to5Google

The new Meta AI logo is located at the bottom right of the screen, and you must first press it. After reading Meta’s terms and conditions, click “Accept” to begin a conversation.

By tapping the new logo above the new chat button, you may use Meta AI just like any other WhatsApp conversation after agreeing to Meta’s conditions.

Unlike previous AI models, Meta AI might not allow users to prevent data sharing.

How to chat with Meta AI

Meta AI in WhatsApp is easier to use if you’ve used ChatGPT. — 9to5Google

If you have used AI chatbots like Google Gemini or ChatGPT in the past, you might be familiar with how to utilize it.

Users may ask the chatbot questions on a variety of subjects, including complicated inquiries and restaurant recommendations, as long as the model can appropriately respond.

Use the slash command /imagine [image prompt] to create a picture using Meta AI. The engine can only generate up to 25 images each day, however after the first field test, this might not be possible.

Despite this, Meta AI’s picture production is quick and enjoyable to work with, however it might not perform as well as some other models.

There is no cost associated with the free integration of Meta AI to WhatsApp.

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