How to obtain 2024 TikTok coins at a discount

The TikTok coins, which function as an in-app currency that you must purchase, are one of the platform’s several features. Is it possible to obtain them for less money than what the app says?

TikTok is a prominent viral video app that lets users express their gratitude for artists by giving them gifts or purchasing promotions. The app is always adding new features and allowing users to engage with their favorite creators.

Buying coins and giving virtual gifts to your favorite producers is one of the main methods to show your support for them. Users must purchase TikTok coins in order to accomplish that, yet their costs can add up rapidly and change when new upgrades are released. So is it feasible to purchase them for less money?

What are TikTok coins?

TikTok coins are a form of currency within the app. Users on the app can buy TikTok coins with their actual money and continue to buy virtual gifts from the coins.

The coins can be sent as a gift to the creator you want to support. Virtual gifts you can send include emojis, and diamonds, along with other virtual gifts.

The best part is that when a creator receives these gifts, they can convert them into real money by withdrawing them from the platform.

However, the exchange rate of the gifts will vary from region to region. The platform itself also takes its share from the virtual gifts sent by a user.

How can you buy cheap TikTok coins?

The best way to get hold of cheaper TikTok coins is by buying them using your computer, rather than the app. While you may be used to buying them in the official TikTok app, here is how you can buy them on your computer:

  1. Go to the official TikTok online store after logging in with your account
  2. Click on your account and select ‘Get Coins
  3. Select the coin plan you’d like to purchase
  4. Select ‘Recharge’ button
  5. Select your preferred payment method and finish the purchase.
TikTok coin purchase plans

You can choose from eight different plans when buying TikTok coins

After you have completed your purchase, you can spend your TikTok coins within the iPhone or Android app, or continue to use them on your computer.

Why are coins cheaper on your computer?

By using the computer version of the TikTok coin page, you avoid the commission fees that are within the official app. This means you aren’t paying towards a channel’s fee and can also select higher amounts of coins than within the app itself.

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