Solo Leveling Episode 11: Release date & spoilers

The highly anticipated battle between Jin-Woo and Igris will be featured in Solo Leveling Episode 11; here is the release date and spoiler alert.

The Solo Leveling first course is almost over. Woo Jin-Chul alerts Jin-Woo about Hwang Dongsoo, an S-rank hunter out to get revenge on his brother. He even advises Jin-Woo and his family to flee to another nation.

Joo-Hee, on the other hand, gives up since she can’t handle the anguish of the double dungeon. In the most recent episode, Jin-Woo and Jin-Ho are accompanied in their quest to defeat a C-rank dungeon. Although Jin-Ho has enlisted a number of people, they are only on standby and are not permitted to accompany them inside the dungeon.

However, other guilds have started noticing Jin-Woo’s unusual abilities. Ahn Sangmin, the chief of White Tiger Guild, one of the five largest guilds in Korea, plans to recruit Jin-Woo but fails miserably. Solo Leveling Episode 11 will feature the most highly-anticipated fight of season 1.

Solo Leveling Episode 11 release date and time

Crunchyroll will stream Solo Leveling Episode 11 on March 23 at 9:30am PT. It is a weekly anime that drops every Saturday. Tokyo MX and other Japanese networks broadcast the episodes at 12am JST.

You can find your time zone below:

  • 12:30am Eastern Time
  • 5:30pm British Time
  • 6:30pm European Time
  • 10:00pm Indian Time
  • 12:30am Philippine Time

Solo Leveling Episode 11 spoilers and preview stills

Solo Leveling Episode 11 is titled “A Knight Who Defends an Empty Throne.” Here’s a look at the preview stills:

The anime’s official website summarizes Episode 11 as follows: “A “career change quest” came in the window immediately. Jin-Woo entered the gate with a premonition that he would get stronger. A “knight” with great strength who brought back memories of the Cartenon Temple was waiting in the depths.

Igris is hiding in the shadows when Jin-Woo enters the Job Change Quest Dungeon. After battling the dungeon’s common enemies, Jin-Woo understands the mission is difficult. Proceeding inside, he finds himself in a throne chamber where he must battle Blood-Red Commander Igris, the dungeon boss, who is guarding the Empty Throne.

Jin-Woo can tell right away that it’s really powerful. He vanquishes Igris during a fierce encounter and gains new gear, including a Teleportation Stone. However, when Igris is vanquished, the true mission starts. Suddenly, a number of knights teleport into the throne room. The longer Jin-Woo survives, the more points he will receive.

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