Argylle: Synopsis, actors, plot, release date, and more

Although the premiere date for Argylle has passed, there is still more to discover about the espionage film. Here is all the information you want about the 2024 movie, including the actors, storyline, and viewing recommendations.

Argylle is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure film directed by Matthew Vaughn, the guy behind Kingsman and Kick-Ass. It has wild haircuts and a jazzy outfit.

There is still more to learn about the origins of the narrative and the identity of the true Agent Argylle, as the novel by Elly Conway bears the same name.

Here is all the information you want about Argylle, including the cast list, the release date, and the narrative points.

Argylle cast: Who’s in it?

The Argylle cast was full of big name actors, such as Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, and Samuel L. Jackson.

You can find the full cast and characters of Argylle below:

  • Henry Cavill as Argylle
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Elly Conway
  • Sam Rockwell as Aiden
  • Bryan Cranston as Director Ritter
  • John Cena as Wyatt
  • Dua Lipa as Lagrange
  • Catherine O’Hara as Ruth
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Alfie
  • Rob Delaney as Deputy Director Powell
  • Ariana DeBose as Keira

This will be the second time that Dua Lipa and John Cena have worked together, with the pair starring as mermaids in the Barbie cast last year.

Argylle plot: What is it about?

In a plot that is identical to the story she penned in her books, Elly Conway, the author, plays a spy that she invented in her novels, Argylle, who sets out on a mission to expose a global espionage syndicate.

As Elly encounters several other spies, both good and bad, along the journey, the mystery surrounding the true identity of agent Argylle plays a significant role in the narrative. Oh, and it goes without saying that her cat is at the center of the action.

For those who are particularly interested in spoilers, here is our guide to the Argylle post-credits sequence. You can also read our review of Argylle to find out what we thought of Matthew Vaughn’s most recent film.

Argylle release date: When did it come out?

The Argylle release date was February 2, 2024.

The film’s release followed on from the launch of the novel it’s based on written by Elly Conway, which dropped in January 2024.

How to watch Argylle

As it’s no longer in cinemas, you’ll have to watch Argylle on the smaller screen at home now, but the good news is the movie is available on Apple TV Plus.

Argylle is one of the latest movies streaming on the platform. Industry reports suggest the deal between Apple and the creators to adapt Argylle for the screen was around $200 million.

Is there an Argylle trailer?

Yes, you can watch the full trailer for Argylle below:

The Argylle music was one of the most brilliant aspects of both the promo and the movie. One thing that Vaughn consistently does well in his films is choose catchy music to go along with every action scene.

All of that pertains to the cast, narrative, and release date of Argylle. Here’s everything we know about Reacher Season 2’s Bond 26, for more action-packed espionage scenes. Alternatively, if you’re a mystery lover, check out this year’s lineup of new documentaries and true crime shows.

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