Best Anime On Crunchyroll (September 2023)

From currently airing shows to shonen classics, here are the best anime series on Crunchyroll.

For the longest time, Crunchyroll served as most people’s main (or only) source of anime. As the likes of Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu entered the market, anime properties started to spread across multiple platforms, especially when it comes to new series. Nowadays, someone has to subscribe to various services if they want to follow a sizable portion of the seasonal releases; however, when it comes to sheer size, Crunchyroll’s library is second to none.

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Funimation acquiring Crunchyroll not only did not hinder the latter’s potential but served to promote its catalog to reach greater heights than ever before. With thousands of series available on the platform, newcomers to Japanese animation might not know where to start. To make that process easier, here are the best anime on Crunchyroll across multiple genres.

Best Summer 2023 Anime On Crunchyroll

Summer 2023 has the tough task of following the stacked Spring lineup. Crunchyroll’s Summer 2023 anime lineup is considerably wider than any of its competitors’ offerings, and the platform has a good mix of returning and new properties. Bungo Stray DogsMalevolent Spirits: MononogatariLink ClickThe Devil is a Part-Timer!!Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, and Rent-a-Girlfriend are all airing new episodes, while Liar, LiarUndead Murder FarceThe Gene of AIReign of the Seven Spellblades, and Classroom for Heroes are just a few of the newcomers who have started to shine.

Which Summer 2023 anime on Crunchyroll are stealing the spotlight?

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2

As always, Crunchyroll has its isekai quota covered for Summer 2023. In terms of new shows, Am I Actually the Strongest?The Great ClericMy Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon, and Sweet Reincarnation are all on the streaming service. Admittedly, none of these series are fantastic, but they are watchable and harmless. Anyone looking for the reverse version can check out The Devil is a Part-Timer!! Season 2, which is shaping up to be largely fine.

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Every Main Character’s Age, Height, & Birthday

Last and definitely most, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is far and away Summer 2023’s most high-profile, high-quality, and controversial isekai show. Continuing from the events of the previous cour, season 2 finds Rudeus alone for the first real time since his reincarnation, and he is struggling to move past the termination of his partnership with Eris and Ruijerd. Trying to find his missing mother, Rudy decides to focus on amplifying his reputation as an adventurer in the hope that word of his exploits will spread to his lost relative. Later on, he joins a magic academy where he unknowingly meets an old friend.

While slow-moving, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation has begun to show Rudy’s growth as a person, even if he continues to have a few frustrating blind spots. Although overdone in fantasy anime, season 2’s school setting still serves as a nice change of pace from the previous arcs. Season 2 also highlights Mushoku Tensei‘s knack for slice of life content more so than its predecessor.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Thanks to the success of the first season and the prequel movie, Jujutsu Kaisen was probably the most highly anticipated Summer 2023 anime, and the sequel has largely succeeded in living up to the hype. While always a scene stealer, Satoru Gojo largely served as a supporting figure in season 1; however, that is no longer really the case. The current cour focuses extensively on the powerful sorcerer, including a thrilling opening arc set during the character’s younger days at Jujutsu High. The Hidden Inventory saga shines a light on Gojo and Geto’s relationship, all the while expanding Jujutsu Kaisen‘s world-building. As good as this storyline is, it largely acts as a precursor and appetizer to the Shibuya Incident arc, which will likely take up most of the rest of the season.

Jujutsu Kaisen is well-known for its fantastic and smooth action sequences, and season 2 has not dropped the ball in this area. Nearly every episode includes at least one exhilarating fight, and they nearly always come with life-or-death stipulations to ensure a steady level of tension. The anime has more to offer than just action as well since the writing is all-around strong.

Undead Murder Farce

One of Summer 2023’s most ghoulish surprises, Undead Murder Farce is a ridiculous trip in the best possible way. Based on a novel series that is not particularly well-known outside of Japan, the show follows a trio of strange people as they take on cases involving the supernatural. Aya Rindo is an immortal who has been reduced to a head, and she partners up with a half-ogre named Tsugaru in order to track down the person responsible for both of their predicaments. Aya also has a maid who knows her way around a gun. Their cases take them around the world and allow them to meet a few recognizable literary figures such as Sherlock and the Phantom of the Opera.

Undead Murder Farce walks a fine line between silliness and seriousness. Aya and Tsugaru have a wicked sense of humor that brings levity to most situations, but they take on cases that are soaked in blood and defined by sorrow or prejudice. Narratively, the anime blends serial and episodic storytelling quite well; while most of the cases feel standalone, they generally contribute to Aya and Tsugaru’s overall search.

Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead

Based on Haro Aso’s reasonably popular seinen manga, Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is simultaneously predictable and novel. Akira Tendo wakes up to find Tokyo is suddenly overflowing with zombies, which naturally turns every excursion into a life-or-death situation. Rather than break from this unexpected development, Akira experiences newfound freedom as he no longer has to work for his abusive company. Deciding to make the most of the rest of his days, the protagonist puts together a bucket list of the things he would like to accomplish before he dies, and he extends this goal to a few friends.

Opening with a stellar episode, Zom 100 hit the ground running and has barely stumbled since then. Admittedly, the first episode has so far been the show’s best, but that serves solely as a testament to that chapter’s brilliance rather than its sequels’ lack of quality. With great animation, likable characters, and a good mix of action, horror, and humor, Bug Films’ debut production has so far been a home run.

Horimiya: The Missing Pieces

Due to Horimiya‘s success, a second series seemed to be a given; however, the 2021 anime ended on a fairly conclusive note that left little room for expansion beyond a time skip. The Missing Pieces gets around this issue by simply adapting the chapters of the manga that its predecessor did not have time to cover, and an omission that had nothing to do with the quality of the content. Basically, the 2023 season is a pure slice of life comedy that shows snippets of the characters’ lives during their last year in high school, covering things like the sports festival along with more mundane everyday activities.

The Missing Pieces is not filler. In fact, it completes and enhances Horimiya. A criticism of the latter show is that it eventually sidelines Hori and Izumi in order to focus on secondary characters and relationships that are not developed enough to carry the burden. Those episodes benefit greatly from The Missing Pieces‘ existence since its chapters primarily revolve around these same students, allowing them to come across as more well-rounded figures.

Bungo Stray Dogs 5

At this point, Bungo Stray Dogs cannot do anything else to plead its case. The show’s opening season is, admittedly, not amazing, although it is still more than watchable; since then, the anime has just gone from strength to strength, culminating in the fantastic season 4 and its currently airing sequel. The latest two entries focus on telling one arc that finds the Armed Detective Agency framed for a heinous crime by the Decay of the Angel, an extremely powerful group led by a hidden figure. The villains’ members and motives are shrouded in mystery, and the storyline has done a stellar job of peeling back the layers at a consistent pace.

Bungo Stray Dogs 5 has a lot going on, to the point of exhaustion at times. There are dozens of moving pieces on the board, and the audience is usually as in the dark as the Armed Detective Agency, sometimes even more so than the heroes. However, the big plot beats constantly hit the mark, and they are surrounded by stellar action, intense mind games, and even the occasional laugh.

Best Battle Shonen Anime On Crunchyroll

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

At some point during the 2010s, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood usurped the likes of Dragon Ball Z and Naruto as the ultimate gateway anime, particularly for people looking for action or battle shonen shows. Ambitious and epic, FMA:B takes place in a world where alchemy is possible, which is governed by the rule of equivalent exchange. When the Elric siblings break this rule, they pay a hefty price, one that requires them to find a Philosopher’s Stone to reverse.

Although a bit rushed in its opening stagesFMA:B tells a fantastic story that delivers impeccable action, heartbreaking moments, and an overabundance of humor. Picking the best action anime on Crunchyroll ultimately comes down to personal preference, but FMA:B is the ideal place to start.

Chainsaw Man

Most seasons typically have a few shows competing for the crown of “most anticipated” anime – Fall 2022 was not one of those seasons. Chainsaw Man was comfortably the most hyped show of the season, and Fall was by no means lacking in big names.

Since debuting towards the end of 2018, Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga has bloomed into one of the most popular shonen stories of the last decade. Chainsaw Man is gory, well-written, and surprisingly complex. The anime’s first season does justice to its source material, delivering (mostly) fantastic animation that guarantees every drop of blood is crystal clear.

Bolstered by a seasoned cast of voice actors, the characters have seemingly survived the transition into animation in one piece, and Denji’s scenes with Makima, Aki, and Power have already produced memorable moments. Even this early in its adaptation process, Chainsaw Man is already shaping up to be one of the best Crunchyroll anime.

Attack On Titan

After almost a decade, Attack on Titan is slowly approaching its end, although the final season still has a third part to go. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where the last remnants of humanity live behind walls to “protect” them from massive man-eating beasts called Titans, this beloved anime is unpredictable, intense, well-animated, and complex.

Each season brings with it a substantial shift in the story’s direction, often taking seemingly straightforward characters and subverting expectations. Attack on Titan set a high standard for not just shonen anime but the industry in general, and it will take something special to fill the hole left by this series when it ends.

Best Non-Shonen Action Anime On Crunchyroll

Kill La Kill

Trigger’s Kill la Kill might be the most “anime” anime to ever anime, and that’s definitely a compliment. From its smooth animation to its gloriously over-the-top presentation and tongue-in-cheek fanservice, Kill la Kill feels like a celebration of the medium, one that goes for broke and takes no prisoners.

Armed with a magical girl outfit and a scissor blade, Ryuuko Matoi arrives at Honnouji Academy in order to take down the student council and avenge her father. This simple premise goes to some incredible places.


Based on Gen Urobuchi’s light novel, Fate/Zero belongs to Type-Moon’s larger Fate franchise. Focusing specifically on anime, the 2011 show is likely to be someone’s first exposure to this universe, and Fate/Zero makes quite an initial impression. The story revolves around the Holy Grail war, which involves human Masters summoning warriors from history. The last competitor standing will be granted any wish they desire; naturally, people are willing to do nearly anything to achieve this goal.

Featuring smooth animation that holds up beautifully despite the anime now being more than a decade old, Fate/Zero pits legendary heroes from history in epic and vicious battles for supremacy. Ufotable’s anime is not just pleasing to the eyes, though, as the story dives into the philosophies and psyches of its characters. Almost nobody is portrayed as being purely good or evil, which enhances the fights since they often have an ideological component to them.

Black Lagoon

A seinen classic, Black Lagoon is a rip-roaring action extravaganza predominantly set in Roanapur, a seedy city defined by criminal organizations and corruption. Operating within this world is Lagoon Company, a mercenary group that is more than willing to take on risky jobs, even if it entails turning an entire city against them or facing off against a killer maid. Rock, a fairly ordinary Japanese businessman, is kidnapped by Lagoon, but he winds up joining them when he realizes that he means nothing to his company. While arguably not the real main character, Rock’s transformation serves as the anime’s main throughline.

Split into two seasons and an OVA series, Black Lagoon delivers fantastic action, endearing characters, and the occasional philosophical musing. While some arcs overstay their welcome or are not all that memorable, the anime is still reasonably consistent. At its best, Black Lagoon is about as good as any other action anime to ever come out.

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