Google wants to sell more than 10 million Pixel phones in 2024

According to a reliable source cited by Nikkei Asia, Google sold over 10 million Pixel smartphones in 2023 despite the fact that the global economic downturn had a detrimental effect on the smartphone market. The corporation wants to at least duplicate the record shipment from last year, so it is not content with this achievement.

Production Strategy is Changing

Nikkei Asia reports that Google has given its partners the go-ahead to begin producing Pixel smartphones in India the next quarter.This reaffirms the company’s aim to progress in the quickly growing Indian smartphone industry and to extend its supply chain outside of China.

Production Begins in India

In order to produce the Pixel 8 Pro, Google is reportedly building a production line in southern India. The company plans to begin producing the devices in April or June.After that, in the middle of this year, the Pixel 8 will start to be produced in the northern part of the nation.

A Strategic Change

Nikkei Asia pointed out that although Google Pixel smartphone production is still small-scale, it represents a significant shift in the company’s supply chain strategy.The business has historically outsourced its production to Vietnam through partners, but as the tech conflict between Beijing and Washington heats up, it is shifting its focus to suppliers outside of China.The majority of Google Pixel devices were formerly made in China.

Non-China Production Strategy

“Google is not the only tech company looking at a ‘China+2’ strategy,” a Nikkei Asia source said. This implies that in order to improve the resilience of the supply chain, suppliers need to have a variety of choices outside of China and that merely pivoting outside of China is insufficient.” “It’s coming.”

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