How to use WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger to access Meta AI Chat

Meta AI Chat is yet another AI-powered chatbot launched by a big-tech company. How do you get it? Don’t worry; we’ll break it for you.

To facilitate more fascinating connections, Meta has introduced a brand-new AI tool called Meta AI. This follows ChatGPT’s success, which generated a surge of interest in AI chatbots.

But Meta AI differs slightly from other chatbots. It was unveiled alongside the Quest 3 MR headset at Meta Connect 2023, with the goal of facilitating communication. You might utilize it, for instance, to complete travel arrangements with companions or to look up information online without ever leaving any of Meta’s numerous apps.

Meta AI is still in beta testing and is currently only available in the US. You can access it through Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp. One of the coolest features is that you can chat with over 28 different AI avatars, including some based on famous celebrities like Mr. Beast and Charli D’Amelio.

How to request Meta AI Chat early access in Messenger & Instagram

To request Meta AI Chat early access in Facebook Messenger and Instagram, there are two different methods. Here’s how to do it:

Method #1

  • Open Messenger or Instagram, and tap on the icon in the top right to open a new message
    • On Instagram, you’ll have to open messages first
  • When attempting to add contacts to the message, you’ll see “AI Chat” towards the top
  • Tap on it to request Early Access to Meta AI

Method #2

  • Open Messenger or Instagram, and tap to open an existing conversation
  • In the message box, type @ and a menu will appear
  • At the top it should have Meta AI listed. Tap on it to request early access

How to request Meta AI Chat early access in WhatsApp

When it comes to requesting early access, WhatsApp is a little bit different than Messenger and Instagram.

Here’s how to request early access to Meta AI Chat in WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp, and tap on the icon in the top right to open a new message
  • In the next window, the fourth item down should be “New AI Chat”
  • Tap on it, and tap on “Request early access” in the window that pops up

There’s everything you need to know about getting access to Meta AI earlier than others. For more news and other guides, head over to check out our coverage.

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