Every Apple Vision Pro optimized app

It is anticipated that the Apple Vision Pro would support a wide range of apps. This is a list of all the apps that the forthcoming VR headset will support.

On February 2, Apple Vision Pro will be available for purchase. More than 180,000 VR headsets may have been sold, according to sources, suggesting that the device is receiving a resounding reception. Therefore, you’re undoubtedly wondering what apps you can run on the Vision Pro, whether you’ve already acquired yours or you’re keeping an eye out for one.

Well-known streaming providers like Netflix and YouTube have previously declared that they would not be releasing a VR headset app. Spotify is going to be one of these titans. There are still a ton of apps available that are Vision Pro optimized, though.

List of apps that are Apple Vision Pro optimized

MacRumors indicates that over 250 have been submitted to Apple with native support for visionOS. These include entertainment applications like Disney+, Disney+, ESPN, NBA, and more, as well as Microsoft programs like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Teams.

The Vision will have access to Apple’s own. App Store, Meet Dinosaurs, Files, Keynote, Mail, Messages, Mindfulness, Music, Notes, Images, Safari, Preferences, Hints, and TV are all included.

As per MacRumors, Box, CARROT Weather, Fantastical, JigSpace, MUBI, Night Sky, OmniPlan 4, Parcel, PCalc, Red Bull TV, Airmail, Facades, Sky Guide, Tides, Webex, Zoom, and many more third-party apps will support visionOS natively upon launch.

With an amazing selection of applications, the Apple Vision Pro can meet all of your entertainment demands. Disney+, ESPN, MLB, NBA, PGA Tour, Max, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Eve, Pluto TV, Tubi, Fubo, Crunchyroll, Red Bull TV, IMAX, TikTok, and MUBI are all included. And if you’re a fan of Major League Soccer, you can watch every game with the MLS Season Pass on the Apple TV app.

Apple Vision Pro might ignite a spatial revolution

Apple Vision Pro may ignite a spatial computing revolution (if you can ignore the exorbitant price tag, of course). The device gives you a peek at the future with its features. You can control apps by tapping your fingers and viewing movies and shows on a super big screen as if you’re in a theater.

Apple will also allow you to try the VR headset for free. Apple Vision Pro will ship with many accessories out of the box and you’ll have to go through a facial scan to order it.

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