Oppenheimer designer highlights the critical significance played in the movie by an apparently unrelated TV show.

A humorous Easter egg was disclosed by Oppeheimer’s producer, who pointed out that a scene in the movie is shared with a hugely successful TV program.

Fans are still begging for any behind-the-scenes details about Christopher Nolan’s epic biopic Oppenheimer, even though it hasn’t been on the big screen for months.

The film Oppenheimer, which brought in over a billion dollars at the box office, traced the life and career of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man credited with creating the atomic bomb.

While some entertaining information about the movie, such as how it was made, has surfaced, one of the producers has made a very intriguing connection between the movie and a well-liked TV series.

Oppenheimer shared an office with Veep

Ruth De Jong, the production designer for Oppenheimer, disclosed during Variety’s Artisans Screening Series that the set from HBO’s popular political comedy Veep was used to film the Oval Office sequence.

The Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California, was the intended setting for the scene, but the location fell through, so the crew had to find a quick substitute.
De Jong stated, “I thought certainly we could move [the scene] to the end of the schedule,” but went on to explain that the sequence couldn’t be moved because Gary Oldman, who played President Harry S. Truman, had a busy schedule.

De Jong clarified, though, that supervising art director Samantha Englander, who was keeping the Veep Oval Office on hold in a flat-packed apartment, was their savior.
De Jong continued by saying that the “crown molding was falling off” and that she had sent a group of construction workers to reconstruct the set. It was disarray.

De Jong and her crew worked tirelessly for the entire five days that they had to construct the Oval Office, a lobby, and a cabinet room.

Gary Oldman was unaware of the speed at which the job was completed, according to De Jong. The paint was still moist as well.

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