Solo Leveling just set an incredible record for the winter season

With solid evidence, Solo Leveling has emerged as the season’s breakthrough smash. There is statistics to support Sung Jinwoo’s trajectory, which has propelled her to the forefront with only one minor setback along the way.

Solo Leveling debuted on January 7, 2024, and has since garnered a passionate fan base. One of the top anime programs of the winter and the entire year, viewers look forward to each new episode every week, excited to discover what absurd dungeon Sung will have to face next.

Based on Chugong’s manwha, the A-1 Pictures production has even drawn some well-known people, with YouTuber MrBeast often tuning in. If quality remains high, Solo Leveling has the potential to become a major hit.

That’s no small accomplishment, and statistics are beginning to show us exactly how popular solo leveling has become.

On iMDb, Solo Leveling has managed to push into the top 100 most popular TV series, the only new anime of the winter season to maintain such a position. At the time of writing, you can find the show at 87 in the list.

While other anime shows like Attack on Titan and One Piece are included in the rankings, they are considerably more well-known brands that consistently secure a place on these kinds of lists. Similarly, early in the season, Ninja Kamui was able to surpass Solo Leveling, but since then, they have fallen short.

Solo Leveling is the main new anime representation left after that. It should be mentioned that search data, not reviews, is used to determine this ranking. Solo Leveling is present since a significant number of people frequently utilize the database to seek for information on the series.

Put another way, individuals are attempting to learn more about anything that has captured their attention or to discover which anime is the trendiest this year. In any case, Sung Jinwoo is sweeping the globe. If you’re looking for thrills comparable to solo leveling, check out our selection of the finest anime.

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