Perhaps sooner than you think, Apple will produce a cheaper Vision Pro.

Rumor has it that Apple has begun to expedite the development of the entry-level Vision Pro, which might arrive sooner than anticipated.

In the United States, the Apple Vision Pro is on sale. Though the VR headgear is extremely expensive ($3499), it has had some success. Still, a sizable portion of Apple enthusiasts are still out for a less expensive Vision Pro. More information on the less expensive Apple VR headset is now available, according to a report that was discovered in the iOS 17 source code back in January.

According to The Elec, Apple intends to release a low-cost VR headset that may be far less expensive than the Vision Pro. The next VR product is being researched and developed quickly, so it may launch on the market earlier than anticipated.

Apple is “accelerating research and development.”

As reported by tipster @Tech_reve, The Elec claims Apple is starting the development of an entry-level Vision Pro.

“Apple is also accelerating research and development for the second-generation entry-level XR product to reduce the cost of micro OLED displays,” says the tipster. This might suggest that a cheaper Vision Pro could be arriving soon, however, there’s no exact timeline yet.

Apple Vision Pro-related news:

There are rumors that SeeYA is joining the supply chain.
– Apple is demanding an expansion of production capacity from Sony, but Sony is not actively expanding production. Apple finds itself in a situation where it needs to seek suppliers other…— Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) March 5, 2024

The Vision Pro’s OLED screens were the primary factor in its exorbitant cost. Apple could be able to control the cost of the forthcoming headgear by lowering the panel’s price.

The source claims that the price will drop from $3,500 to $1,500 because “the cost of the second-generation entry-level XR product will decrease by more than 50% and the cost of micro OLED screens will decrease by more than $100.”

Apple could expand its range of suppliers in order to lower the price of OLED panels. All of the screens utilized in Apple Vision Pro are supplied by Sony. But the insider claims that the Japanese business isn’t able to increase manufacturing as quickly as Apple would want.

Apple may thus think about placing some orders with Chinese vendors like BOE and SeeYA. Please take this information with a grain of salt as it is entirely unverified.

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