YouTube will soon allow you to search for songs by humming them.

In an era where technology continuously blurs the boundaries between reality and innovation, YouTube, the titan of online video sharing, has once again proven its prowess by introducing a pioneering feature that allows users to discover songs by simply humming or singing them. This groundbreaking functionality, currently in its experimental phase, is set to revolutionize the way we identify and connect with music.

The Humming Search Experiment

YouTube’s latest experiment offers a fresh take on song identification that surpasses the capabilities of Apple’s famed music recognition application, Shazam. Presently, this novel feature is available exclusively to a limited group of users wielding Android devices. To access this innovative tool, users need to hum or sing the tune they’re searching for for a minimum of three seconds.

Unveiling the Innovation

The announcement regarding this game-changing feature was unveiled on a Tuesday through YouTube’s dedicated ‘YouTube Test Features and Experiments’ page. During this experimental phase, participants are granted the option to switch from the conventional voice search mechanism to this inventive song search feature.

How It Works

To harness the power of this emerging feature, users simply need to hum, sing, or record a snippet of the song they’re seeking, with a duration of at least three seconds. The platform’s intricate algorithms then decode the melody and guide the user to relevant YouTube videos that showcase the desired song. This array of videos could encompass the official music video, user-generated content, or Shorts.

Global Interest and User Engagement

Despite its nascent stage, this playful feature has already piqued the curiosity of Android users around the world. A fortunate subset of individuals is currently immersed in this musical experiment, actively contributing to its refinement and future enhancement.

The Fusion of Music and Artificial Intelligence

YouTube’s foray into AI-driven innovation extends beyond music and content exploration. The platform is wholeheartedly embracing the potential offered by artificial intelligence (AI). This endeavor underscores YouTube’s commitment to continuously pushing boundaries and elevating user experiences.

A Tradition of Innovation

By ingeniously blending music recognition with cutting-edge technology, YouTube’s experimentation is in line with its history of pioneering advancements that redefine digital interactions and enhance user engagement.

AI-Powered Video Recommendations

YouTube’s pursuit of AI-driven enhancement is palpable in its recommendation system. This AI-powered mechanism plays a pivotal role in suggesting videos to users. By analyzing a user’s viewing history, search patterns, and engagement metrics, YouTube’s algorithms curate personalized recommendations that resonate with individual interests.

Elevated Content Moderation

In the realm of content moderation, YouTube faces the colossal task of sifting through massive amounts of user-generated content to detect and remove inappropriate material. AI-powered algorithms significantly aid in flagging such content, enabling human moderators to focus on more nuanced decisions and heightening the overall safety of the platform.

Captivating Captions through AI

Another recent stride involves YouTube’s automated captioning system, which leverages AI to generate accurate subtitles for videos. This technology benefits not only viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing but also empowers content creators to reach a wider audience by providing captions in multiple languages.

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Combating Misinformation

YouTube’s commitment to AI innovation is further evident in its battle against misinformation. The platform has incorporated AI-driven fact-checking mechanisms to verify the accuracy of information shared in videos. This proactive approach contributes to a more informed and responsible online community.

Monetization Made Smarter

YouTube’s AI-driven monetization features have revolutionized content creators’ ability to monetize their videos. Through the integration of AI algorithms, creators can identify suitable advertising placements that align with their content and audience, optimizing revenue generation.

Pioneering the Future

Looking ahead, YouTube’s engagement with AI is poised to redefine the future of content creation and consumption. From enhancing video recommendations to refining content moderation and accessibility, YouTube’s ongoing integration of AI showcases its dedication to offering users a secure, immersive, and tailored online environment. By maintaining its position at the forefront of AI technology, YouTube continues to evolve as a platform that caters to the dynamic needs and preferences of its diverse user base.


YouTube’s introduction of the ability to search for songs through humming or singing represents a leap forward in music discovery. This fusion of technology and musical intuition is a testament to YouTube’s commitment to reimagining the ways we interact with digital platforms. As users embrace this experimental feature, it’s clear that YouTube’s dedication to AI-driven innovation will reshape the landscape of online content and engagement.


  1. Is this feature available to all users? Currently, this feature is accessible to a limited set of Android users who are part of YouTube’s experimental phase.
  2. Can I use this feature on iOS devices? As of now, the humming search functionality is only available for Android users.
  3. How long should I hum or sing for the feature to work? To make use of this feature, you need to hum or sing the desired song for a minimum of three seconds.
  4. What types of videos will the search results include? The search results may include a variety of videos, such as official music videos, user-generated content, and Shorts.
  5. Is YouTube planning to expand its AI-driven features further? Yes, YouTube is committed to integrating AI technology across various aspects of the platform, enhancing user experiences and content accessibility.

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