Ahsoka trailer features a Darth Vader Easter egg

Despite the fact that the new Ahsoka video mentions Anakin Skywalker twice, there’s a scary Darth Vader easter egg concealed in the clip that nearly no one saw.

When Baylan Skoll informs Ahsoka, “Anakin spoke highly of you,” Darth Vader’s instantly recognisable breathing can be heard in the background at one point in the video. It’s an easily missed moment, but one exceptionally keen-eared fan spotted the Easter egg.

In the teaser, Ahsoka also tells Sabine Wren that Anakin never got to finish her training – if you’ve seen The Clone Wars, you’ll know this is because Ahsoka left the Jedi Order after being wrongfully convicted of a horrific crime. She temporarily reconnected with Anakin before his conversion to the dark side, although she was ignorant for a long time that her former Master had become Darth Vader. In the Rebels season 2 finale, the two crossed lightsabers in a tragic duel.

Interestingly, Hayden Christensen may or may not reprise his role as Anakin/Vader in the Ahsoka show, which implies Snips and Skyguy may meet again after all this time. That may be in a flashback or possibly Anakin as a Force ghost, though we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out if Christensen is returning.

Ahsoka will launch on Disney Plus on August 23rd, with a double season premiere. While you wait, read our guide to watching The Clone Wars in order and what to watch before Ahsoka to prepare – or view our list of all the future Star Wars films and TV episodes for everything else coming up.

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