Anya Taylor-Joy claims that growing up, watching “School of Rock” and “Harry Potter” helped her learn English.

Anya Taylor-Joy lived in Argentina as a child and learned English after moving to London at age six

Anya Taylor-ability Joy’s to speak two languages can be attributed, at least in part, to her co-star Jack Black.

Taylor-Joy, 26, revealed in an interview with Buzzfeed about her part as Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie that she used to watch School of Rock, a 2003 film starring Jack Black, “every Friday” in school.

She admitted to feeling “very starstruck” when doing press with her Mario Bros. co-star Black, 53, who plays Bowser in the new animated picture. “Well, in the school I went to when I first arrived to London they would play School of Rock every Friday,” she told the site.

She said, “At the time, I didn’t really speak English much, if at all, so that, along with Harry Potter and Jumanji, was kind of how I learned English.

When gushing over Black, 53, on the Mario Bros. Movie press tour, Taylor-Joy made a note about how she learnt the language.

The actress recalled her response when she found out she would truly be meeting Black as “just this high pitch screech that I was not anticipating.” The actress mentioned in another section of the interview that she uses Tenacious D’s song “Tribute” as a karaoke tune.

We all filmed our parts separately, so we haven’t had a chance to meet. As a result, she told Buzzfeed, “I was really starstruck when I saw the schedule for today.” I don’t often feel that way, but earlier I was running around saying, “Oh my God, Tenacious D, this is wonderful.”

Before her family relocated to London, Taylor-Joy spent the first six years of her childhood in Argentina. When we relocated to London in 2016, she said she “refused to study English for two years in the hope of sending my family back home.”

She remarked at the time, “That was difficult, but at the same time it has given me a sense of dislocation that actually really matches the life that I’m living now. “Because I don’t really feel like I belong anyplace, I actually do. Also, I adore being able to call both of these stunning locations home.”

Taylor-Joy, who appeared in The Northman, The Menu, and Amsterdam in 2022, has solely appeared in English-language movies despite having a background in Spanish. Last Wednesday, she told Buzzfeed that she would want to collaborate with “any Spanish-speaking directors” on upcoming projects.

Super Mario Bros. Movie is currently playing in cinemas.

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