Beyerdynamic introduces the industry’s first wireless gaming headset.

The MMX 220 lasts up to 50 hours on a single charge.

Beyerdynamic is well-known in the gaming world since their wired headphones are frequently spotted at prestigious esports competitions and other occasions. But up until today, it hasn’t offered a wireless gaming headset. The Beyerdynamic MMX 200 headset, which was just unveiled by the business, is jam-packed with cutting-edge capabilities and doesn’t have any annoying cables.

The MMX 200, according to the manufacturer, provides the “same competitive advantage” as its wired counterparts because of its 40mm high-performance drivers, which give more detail over the whole frequency range. Additionally, there is an embedded digital signal processor (DSP) that is said to give the sound more punch and contribute to the “ultimate gaming experience.”

But when you’re playing with buddies, gaming is more than just listening. You must also use profanity. The MMX 200 comes with a detachable boom mic that Beyerdynamic claims would give the impression that your voice is coming from a podcast studio. That’s a rather ambitious claim considering how poor the microphones that generally come with gaming headphones are.

Options for connecting are crucial for a wireless headset. To do this, the MMX 200 supports a wide range of audio codecs and is equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 and a low-latency wireless adaptor. Even more intriguingly, the headphones include a hybrid mode that enables simultaneous analogue cable and Bluetooth connections.

The battery life that is promised, which ranges from 35 to 50 hours of use per charge, is indeed amazing. The actual battery life may increase because this number doesn’t even account for idle times. Additionally, the headset can be charged while being used, which is a time-saving feature that more businesses ought to adopt. There are some comfort-focused elements here, such memory foam cushioning on the earpads and a gentle clamping force that shouldn’t crush your skull like a grape, similar to most gaming headsets meant for prolonged usage.

All of the parts are replaceable and have been built with self-repair in mind. There are also no RGB lights or other gimmicks because Beyerdynamic doesn’t really deal in them. The MMX 200 headphones are now offered for $250 directly from the business or on Amazon.

Although this is Beyerdynamic’s first wireless gaming headset, wireless audio has been a focus for the firm before. Last year, it unveiled a set of wireless earphones under the name Free Byrd.

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