Beyond the primary objective, Star Wars Jedi Survivor offers “additional chances.”

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

According to Respawn, Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be more expansive than Fallen Order and include more options for exploration and finding prizes outside of the primary objective.

With the debut of Star Wars Jedi Survivor just around the corner, it appears that our list of the top Star Wars games may be receiving a new addition to mix things up, as many claim that it is far superior to the original Jedi Fallen Order from recent previews. Given that developer Respawn has spoken about wanting to build upon what the original game created, it appears like Star Wars Jedi Survivor intends to be considerably bigger than its predecessor as well.

But, the game’s director Stig Asmussen has given us a glimpse into what to anticipate when the game arrives. PCGamesN’s Star Wars Jedi Survivor gameplay preview already talks you through all there is to know about the new video and mechanics of Cal and BD’s trip.

There are more opportunities to interact with objects outside of the primary objective because the game is broader. More than the first game, according to Asmussen, who spoke to Game Rant. When questioned about the potential for Jedi Survivor bosses and post-game material, the outlet received the following response from Asmussen: “I don’t want to address that precisely since I don’t want to ruin the overall design of the game.”

Thus far, Asmussen has been mum on any potentially challenging post-game bosses and extra content, but Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s release date means that we won’t have to wait long to find out.

There will be a tonne of fresh Star Wars Jedi Survivor foes, as well as a tonne of new skills, locations, and customization possibilities. I suppose we’ll have to wait till then for certain things at least because a lot of material is already being demonstrated prior to release.

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