Blake Lively’s red-hot bikini photo gets ‘$2 million’ makeover – Ryan Reynolds reacts

Ryan Reynolds responds to Blake Lively’s ‘$2 million’ makeover of her stunning swimsuit photo.

The Deadpool actor and the Gossip Girl actress charmed viewers with their most recent social media shenanigans, which featured Blake in a bikini and an odd makeover.

Both celebrities shared a recent photo of Blake wearing red swimsuit, wearing pigtails, and looking amazing.

However, there was an artist’s rendition of the shot next to the advertising image.

Blake was shown in the lighthearted cartoon as being far less gorgeous, with fuzzy hair and an obviously uneven figure.

They lead their followers to the Instagram page of @2dollarartist, the creator of the image, and the captioned quipped:”@blakelively & @vancityreynolds promised to pay me 2 million dollars after finishing this spectacular portrait. 

“I want my payment now. It took me 2 days to complete. I couldn’t sleep, eat for weeks… finally, it’s finished now.. hard work paid off..#blakelively #ryanreynolds #portraitpainting #fanart #picasso #picassoart #artistsoninstagram #art.”

His fans laughed and commented on the fact that Blake and Ryan had reposted the image. 2dollarartist then thanked them for their reposts adding heart emojis and writing: “All thanks to @vanicityreynolds,” and “@blakelively too.”

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