Canonical Offering Multiple Job Opportunities in Saudi Arabia


We deliver open source to the world faster, more securely, and more cost-effectively than any other company.

We’re also the publishers of Ubuntu, the world’s most popular enterprise Linux from cloud to edge, together with a passionate global community of 200,000+ contributors. Ubuntu means ‘humanity to others’​. We chose it because it embodies the generosity at the heart of open source, the new normal for platforms and innovation.

Together with a community of 200,000, we publish an operating system that runs from the tiniest connected devices up to the world’s biggest mainframes, the platform that everybody uses on the public cloud, and the workstation experience of the world’s most productive developers.

Secure and reliable, elegant and intuitive, and open for innovation—this is the future of open source, which is why we’re proud to be the developers of the fastest-growing Linux in the world despite already being the most widely deployed.

If you’re interested in a career at Canonical, we are a remote-first company so please apply to any suitable role as skills are valued more than location, despite some having a preferred geographic preference.


Benefits at Canonical Company

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Leading role in open-source technology and innovation
  • Inclusive and dynamic work environment
  • Resources for career advancement
  • Contribution to the global impact of open-source solutions

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How to Apply for Canonical Careers

To apply for positions at Canonical:

  • Visit the Canonical careers page at Canonical Careers.
  • Browse the available job openings.
  • Select a role that matches your skills and interests.
  • Complete the online application and submit your resume.
  • I await further communication regarding your application.

Canonical Job Vacancies in Saudi Arabia

Job Title  LocationAction
Technical author – Ubuntu Canonical ProductsSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Developer Relations ManagerSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Engineering Director, CommunitySaudi ArabiaApply Now
Manager Talant ScienceSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Marketing automation SpecialistSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Community EngineerSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Software Engineer – python and K8sSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Developer Relations EngineerSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Linux Cryptograph and Security EngineerSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Senior support & Software Engineer, Saudi ArabiaSaudi ArabiaApply Now
Kernel Maintenance Engineer – Ubuntu LinuxSaudi ArabiaApply Now

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