Fortnite Festival battle pass and rewards

Fortnite Festival battle pass and rewards: Finally, Fortnite Festival is here, bringing with it a brand-new battle pass that players can obtain with drums, guitars, and other instruments.

On December 9, Fortnite Festival was made available as a part of the three-part update that Epic Games had previously promised after the Big Bang Event. Since its launch, the Guitar Hero-like gameplay has attracted 200,000+ concurrent gamers, thanks to popular demand.

Players can play one of four positions during the set in the new mode. This comprises the bass or piano, guitar, drums, and vocals. Within a particular song, each instrument gets a distinct amount of playing. There might be a lot of singing in one song and largely drumming in another.

Like everything else in Fortnite, these instruments may also be customized with different skins. The option to add tracks from the store to your list of what you can and cannot play is another addition that may be included. They are all obtainable with the recently released battle pass.

Features of the Fortnite Festival battle pass: The Weekling

One of the many well-known musicians with whom
the game has partnered is included in the Fortnite Festival battle pass. In the battle pass, players may acquire a themed keyboard, guitar, bass, and microphone in addition to The Weeknd’s own skin.

Fortnite Festival battle pass and rewards

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The battle pass is offered in two versions: a free version and a premium version. Through playing sets and accumulating Festival Points, players may unlock each of the 11 tiers in both.

The user receives loading screens, emotes, a Peely guitar, and other goodies with the free battle pass. The Weeknd-themed products, however, require gamers to pay a whopping 1800 vbucks.

In the future, the Fortnite Festival will include further seasons, including various battle passes. The expiration date of this pass is February 22.

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