Fortnite OG hidden gnomes, where to find them every week to get free XP?

Gnomes will be available to you in Fortnite with the return of the original terrain and certain mystical goods. We direct you to their location.

The original season of Chapter 4 on Fortnite was introduced with Patch 27.00, which also brought back the weapons and mystical artifacts from the first season of the Battle Royale, as well as the inclusion of new skins made possible by the battle pass.


Among the items that reappear in the game are the collection gnomes, which emerge once a week and grant 20,000 XP points upon finding one—a substantial amount of experience points! We’ve provided you with a map to make finding them easier.

Where to find gnomes in Fortnite in OG season of chapter 4?

If you’re looking to know where the gnomes are at the launch of Fortnite Chapter 4’s OG season, well, they’re spread out all over the map and they’re relatively well hidden. Here are their positions on the map which was given by MML on his X account, as well as by InTheLittleWood in a video.

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