How to watch Monkey Man is it streaming?

Monkey Man is a new action movie about a brutal and bloody revenge mission in Mumbai. Here’s where and how to watch what’s soon to be a genre classic, plus details of if it’s streaming.

With Monkey Man, Dev Patel switches jobs. Having co-written the film, the Slumdog Millionaire actor uses it as a springboard to direct his first feature film.

In addition, he portrays the lead role, who goes on a furious rampage of retaliation for what happened to his family when he was a young boy.

Here’s what we had to say about the film in our 4-star Dexerto review, which opens tomorrow: “Dev Patel, the writer-director, makes a remarkable debut with Monkey Man, a contemporary genre picture that is centered in old myth and folklore without compromising. Additionally, he does the “act,” giving the Kid a feeling of sorrow and tragedy while he kicks a variety of ass, creating a whole new class of hero.

How to watch Monkey Man — is it streaming?

Monkey Man releases exclusive in cinemas tomorrow – April 5, 2024 – meaning there’s no streaming date yet set for the movie.

Which is ironic, as the action flick was originally a Netflix movie, with the streamer buying worldwide rights for $30 million back in 2021.

Then Jordan Peele saw Monkey Man and felt it deserved a theatrical release, so Universal acquired the rights, taking it to cinemas via Peele’s Monkeypaw label, where it’s likely to have an exclusive window for at least a month. And possibly three months if the movie makes money.

It’s not clear if Netflix has retained streaming rights or whether the movie will drop on Universal’s own Peacock channel. But rest assured, we’ll update this article as-and-when we have news.

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