Solo Leveling earns record number of nominations in Winter 2024 awards

With a record-breaking amount of nominations, Solo Leveling has eclipsed every other show this season in the Anime Corner Winter 2024 awards.

Unquestionably the most popular anime of Winter 2024, Solo Leveling shattered multiple records while available for streaming on Crunchyroll. The manhwa-based anime’s direction, art, and execution won accolades from viewers. Shortly after the first season finale aired, the anime’s popularity led to confirmation of a Second 2.

Now that Winter 2024 has officially ended, it’s time for the anime of the season nominations. The most popular anime of the season received nominations in multiple categories of the awards when Anime Corner recently announced the nominees for their Anime of the Season Awards.

Being the one of the most popular anime of the year, Solo Leveling also found itself among the other nominees of the awards. Not only that, the anime is also the most nominated anime in the awards, earning a record number of 17 nominations in multiple categories.

A number of categories, including Best Anime, Best Male Character, Best Animation, Best Soundtrack, Best Worldbuilding, and Best Voice Cast, had Solo Leveling’s first season nominated. Fans thought the battle scenes in the anime, which was produced by A-1 Picture, were animated well and earned great reviews.

Solo Leveling’s voice acting received appreciation as well. The Japanese voice actor Taito Ban, who portrayed the anime’s main character Sung Jinwoo, won over the audience with his performance. The fan base gave the voice actor’s performance in the eagerly awaited “arise” sequence positive feedback.

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