Pixel 9 Pro XL: Rumors, news, and speculation

Pixel 9 Pro XL could be Google’s next top flagship launching later this year. Here’s everything we know about the smartphone so far.

There are rumours that Google intends to significantly alter the Pixel 9 range. In particular, there are reports indicating that three Pixel flagship models will launch in the autumn. Maybe not the best flagship is the Pixel 9 Pro. Alternatively, Google may provide the Pixel 9 Pro XL with that designation.

The last time Google employed the “XL” label was a very long time ago. With the Pixel 5, the search giant gave up on selling XL phones, which were available until 2019 when the Pixel 4 XL was released, and instead began selling just one phone in its flagship line. XL phones may be coming again, with the Pixel 9 Pro XL being the first, as Google plans to broaden its flagship portfolio.

Pixel 9 Pro XL: Release speculation

Google is expected to announce the Pixel 9 Pro XL this fall alongside the Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9. The exact launch date is still anyone’s guess, but considering Google sticks to October for launching its Pixel line, the Pixel 9 may also be announced at the same time. The last five Pixel lineups have all debuted in October.

Pixel 9 Pro XL: Expected price

Pixel 9 Pro XL’s price won’t become clear until we get closer to its launch. The smartphone may be priced similar to the Pixel 8 Pro from last year. For reference, the Pixel 8 Pro starts at $999 for the 128GB storage variant.

Pixel 9 Pro XL: News and specs rumors

Google is allegedly looking to revamp its flagship phone strategy to be more like Samsung and Apple’s offerings. Both Apple and Samsung release multiple phones each year with tiered features. Apple typically announces four iPhones annually— the Pro Max, the top-of-the-line model with the most features; the Pro, an iPhone version with similar high-end specs; and the standard and Plus models, which are considered more entry-level options.

The Pixel 9 Pro XL might replace the Pixel 8 Pro as the ultimate flagship. Alongside it could be a smaller Pixel 9 Pro with similar high-end specs and a 6.1-inch display. The third phone, Pixel 9, would likely be a more budget-friendly option. Android Authority first reported these rumors about a possible three-phone Pixel 9 family.

91Mobiles report further corroborated this, claiming the Pixel 9 Pro renders shared in January 2024 were actually of the Pixel 9 Pro XL. Those renders revealed Google will phase out the iconic camera bar for a rounded look that mirrors the camera cutout’s pill-shaped design.

Like the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the smartphone has flat sides. There are rumours that the Pixel 9 Pro XL will have a 6.5-inch flat display instead of the Pixel 8 Pro’s 6.7-inch display. Its dimensions are 162.7 x 76.6 x 8.5 mm (12.0 mm when the camera bump is taken into account). In contrast, the dimensions of the Pixel 8 Pro are 162.6 x 76.5 x 8.8 mm.

The renders show that it will have three cameras mounted on the back. The camera’s specs are currently unknown. The Pixel 8 Pro is equipped with three cameras: a 48MP ultrawide, a 48MP telephoto, and a 50MP primary.

Tensor G4 may be included in Google’s Pixel 9 Pro XL configuration. Google and Samsung are working together to develop the chipset using the 4nm process node of the Korean corporation. It is said to result in better power efficiency and heat control. In terms of software, the smartphone should run Android 15, and a lot of AI features are anticipated.

Should you wait for the Pixel 9 Pro XL?

Google is making big changes to the Pixel 9 series, and you might want to wait and see what the flagship Pixel 9 Pro XL has in store. Considering that Google will be making it smaller than the Pixel 8 Pro, it might appeal to those who prefer compact phones with high-end specs.

The search giant isn’t very good at keeping its phones’ details under wraps. More details about the Pixel 9 Pro XL may emerge soon.

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