I Am a Mother, After All, Keke Palmer Winks at Vegas Serenade Drama in Usher’s “Boyfriend” Video

Last month, at his residency in Las Vegas, Usher serenaded Keke Palmer, which ignited a section of the internet. They are currently starting a new fire.

Last month, at his residency in Las Vegas, Usher serenaded Keke Palmer, and the scene went viral online. Palmer’s ex-boyfriend at the time, Darius Jackson, really started the fire when he tweeted about Palmer’s revealing dress and black bodysuit. He commented of Palmer, with whom he has a six-month-old child, “It’s the outfit.. you a mum.” The joke, though, is on him. She is the star of the music video for Usher’s newest hit, “Boyfriend,” in addition to being a parent who is embracing this new stage of her life.

Usher sings on the song, “Someone said your boyfriend’s looking for me.” The song goes, “Well, he should know I’m pretty easy to find/Just look for me wherever he sees you.” Palmer can be seen getting dressed in the video, parading down the hallway with bright blue streaks in her hair and singing along to Usher’s 2001 hit song “U Remind Me” in the lift as she gets ready for a night out with her girlfriends at the casino. As soon as Palmer and the artist lock eyes, Palmer abruptly changes into him, wearing the same silver Usher chain and aviator sunglasses and dressing similarly. The singer’s choreography is also flawlessly executed by the actress, right down to his distinctive foot shuffle.

Palmer shared the video on social media and added: “Usher! I recall going to the ‘In The Mix’ auditions when I was 12 years old. My entire life, you have been murdering it. Your ability and workmanship are a unique mix that I want to acquire as a performer since I am a real admirer of the arts. You are a living legend deserving of respect! I appreciate your support and seeing me for the performer I am.

I know I’m a girl, but I never wanted to be the girl in your movies; instead, I wanted to be YOU, she said. I’m grateful that you made my dream come true.

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Palmer discovers it was all a dream in the video’s concluding scene and that she had truly slept off before she had the opportunity to go. She sighs, “I’m so tired,” before giving the camera a wink and saying, “I am a mother, after all.”

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