I’m really sad, very sad. Local families from Israel and Gaza who have loved ones abroad respond to the conflict

The U.S. intends to begin evacuating American people on Friday, and airstrikes are anticipated to continue.

More than 2,700 people have died, including hundreds of kids in Gaza and Israel.

One Jewish Community Center in Metro Atlanta claimed to be stepping up security in reaction to the anticipated protests. They said there have been no threats and that they are acting with extreme care.

In Metro Atlanta, countless people have experienced the loss of loved ones to this conflict.

Najati Omar Masseoud stated, “I’m talking to you first and foremost because I’m sad, very, really unhappy.

The 82-year-old Masseoud said it is the only way he can adequately express his emotions while speaking about the conflict in Israel.

He was born in Gaza and now calls Metro Atlanta home, but his family is still based there.

“The home of my cousin’s daughter was completely destroyed. She had a wound. The day before yesterday, in this case. Her son, who was 23 years old, died. He also lost his infant daughter, according to Masseoud.

Many people, according to Masseoud, are worried about what’s happening in Israel, yet innocent people have also been harmed and died in Gaza.

There are no winners, he claimed.

“They are empty. No clothing, no housing,” he stated.

Although Jordan Sokolic is an Israeli citizen, he is now in Atlanta to see relatives.

The season of numerous holidays is now, according to Sokolic.

He learned about the conflict via a cellphone video of his Israeli neighborhood.

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