iPhone 15 Users claim that it is “almost too hot to touch” due to overheating difficulties.

iPhone 15 users are reporting that their devices are overheating when charging, making them “almost too hot to touch” in the process.

The iPhone 15 became available for pre-order shortly after its unveiling on September 12, and it started reaching customers’ hands just 10 days later.

As users got their hands on the device, they wasted no time sharing innovative ways to customize the new Action Button. However, some also sounded a cautionary note, warning about a bug in the device’s setup.

Now, there are reports emerging from users about overheating issues during charging. One individual even mentioned that their phone gets so hot while charging that it becomes almost too uncomfortable to touch.

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Users report iPhone 15 overheating issue

Over the weekend following the public launch of the iPhone 15, users took to Twitter and X to share their concerns about the device while charging.

9to5Mac’s Ian Zelbo took to X to share that his iPhone 15 Pro Max is “almost too hot to touch” while fast charging.

“I thought people were overexaggerating, but no, this isn’t great,” he said.

In the thread, he shared that the heat lines up perfectly with the phone’s logic board and that the device began cooling down after reaching 70% battery charge.

Ian mentioned: “Past 70% battery percentage, it seems to have cooled down significantly (still hot but comfortable in the hand). 25–60% was the worst by far.”

Another user replied that he’s heard the same complaint from five other people that it overheats while charging and gaming.

“I have heard this from 5 people already. And gaming too,” they said.

However, plenty of others have reported no issues. One user says that he’s gotten over 30 hours of battery life on his 15 Pro Max and hasn’t overheated one bit.

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