jobs Available At Saudi Aramco

jobs Available At Saudi Aramco company with its headquarters in Dhahran. With both of the second largest crude oil reserves in the world, Saudi Aramco has the second biggest daily oil production and operates the biggest single hydrocarbon network in the world.

It operates the largest offshore and onshore oil fields in the world and produces around 3.4 billion barrels of crude oil annually. We have included all of the essential information you want if you’re interested in learning more about the latest job openings at Saudi Aramco.

Why Work For Saudi Aramco?

Saudi Aramco are an excellent employer offering a number of benefits to its workers. These include:

An excellent remuneration package.

An annual performance based incentive plan.

Annual travel allowance for repatriation.

Up to 38 days of annual holiday as well as up to 11 days of public holidays.

Severance award for those who have been employed for over 2 years

Education assistance plan for dependent children.

Free medical care.

Free access to recreational facilities.

Free scheduled transportation.

Voluntary program for accident and life insurance.

Short term disability benefit.

Death benefit.

Career development opportunities.

Job Areas At Saudi Aramco

There are several sectors within Saudi Aramco to choose from, and here are some of the fields in which you will see new job vacancies at Saudi Aramco.




Exploration and Production


Marine and Aviation



Downstream strategy

Environmental Protection

Pipeline and Distribution

Public Relations


Skills And Experience Are Necessary?

The qualifications needed for a given role might vary depending on what you apply for. For some jobs, you might need to acquire professional credentials in addition to a relevant degree, and you might need to have a lot of experience in a related subject.Proficiency in both written and spoken English is frequently necessary for the position, and for many positions, computer literacy is also a need. For some jobs, you’ll need to take and pass a medical exam.

How To Apply For  Job At Saudi Aramco

Once you have located a job with Saudi Aramco that interests you, just click the “APPLY NOW” button to be taken to the available opportunities. We have shared apply links below.We wish you well in your future endeavors. You can apply online for the position in which you are interested and submit a CV that includes your most recent career and educational experience.


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