Justin Harvey: who is he? The 100 contestants’ physical descriptions

A few non-Koreans, like Justin Harvey, were among the new candidates on Physical 100 Season 2. This is everything we currently know about him.

A few non-Korean participants appeared in the inaugural season of Physical 100, including model Florian Krapf and bodybuilder Miracle Nelson. Netflix adhered to a similar format for the contestant pool for Physical 100 Season 2, including the addition of additional national athletes, celebrities, and non-Koreans like Emmanuel and Justin Harvey.

Harvey joined the competition series with the goal of demonstrating his superior physical prowess and making it to the finals to win the Physical 100 Season 2 big prize. Harvey sticks out from the throng since he is one of the few non-Koreans in the popular TV series.

However, who is he? What history does he have? And what made him appear in Season 2 of Physical 100? Let’s investigate.

Who is Justin Harvey?

Justin Harvey is an actor currently working in South Korea and has appeared in three movies, as well as Physical 100 Season 2.

Harvey wasn’t given a thorough introduction in Physical 100 Season 2, as he debuted alongside actor Lee Hyun-jin. Harvey’s immaculate appearance surprised the other competitors, with one even remarking, “He reminds me of Kingsman.”

Justin Harvey in The Witch: Part 2 as a mercenary.

The native South African made his acting debut in the Choi Woo-shik movie, The Witch: Part 2, according to his interview with The Korea Herald. He moved to South Korea when he was 24 years old in 2015, but Harvey originally didn’t pursue acting and went to law school as a safer choice.

His journey to Korea turned into an extended stay, which launched his acting career. After doing a mock audition, he was cast as Tom in The Witch: Part 2. He was taken aback by how prominent his role was in the plot after reading the screenplay.

Harvey stated in the interview, “My objective is to be the main lead in a Korean production as a foreigner, speaking in Korean, just like Tang Wei.” He believes that the Squid Game and the Hallyu Wave let people recognize that leading positions and international talent may be extremely successful.

Unlike most, Harvey can speak Korean incredibly well and often prefers to speak in Korean during interactions. Fans may notice how easy it comes to him while interacting with the other contestants on Physical 100 Season 2.

He didn’t stay long at the language school where he first studied Korean. Rather, he studied alone and pushed himself by enrolling in classes to pick up new Korean language skills.

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