Lionel Messi scored twice as Inter Miami defeated Atlanta United 4-0 in a League Cup encounter.

Lionel Messi scored twice in the first half as Inter Miami defeated Atlanta United 4-0 in the Leagues Cup to advance to the knockout stages.

With two goals and an assist from Argentina’s Lionel Messi, the Inter Miami FC defeated Atlanta United FC 4-0 on Saturday to claim first place in their group in the Leagues Cup 2023. El siete veces Balón de Oro está dejando su huella in Estados Unidos, en apenas su segundo partido con el team de Florida en el DRV PNK Stadium.

The Argentine scored in minutes 8 and 22, and the Finn, Robert Taylor, added a fourth goal at 44 and another in the second half at 53.

La superestrella argentina ya había tenido un debut de ensueño el viernes pasado con el Inter de Miami, ya que ejecutó con maestría un libre directo con efecto en la última acción del partido para dar a su equipo los tres puntos en su estreno en Leagues Cup 2023 ante el Cruz Azul.

Messi scored in the eighth minute and then took advantage of a lapse in Atlanta United’s defence, who had been rather complacent during the first half.

Since Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami, the team led by coach Gerardo Martino has broken a streak of six games without a win, losing on three occasions, and has won the first place in their division, which means they will play as a home team in the tournament’s final eight games.

Atlanta will play Cruz Azul at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Saturday. The winner of that game advances to the round of 32 as the group’s second place finisher, while the loser is eliminated.

Miami won the international cup against the San José Earthquakes on Sunday, completing the list’s requirements after adding Messi’s former teammate, Jordi Alba, and maybe the 20-year-old Argentine Facundo Farias from Colón.

The game is now underway:

Lionel Messi scored twice as Inter Miami defeated Atlanta United 4-0

INTER MIAMI 4, ATLANTA UNITED 0 in the final. Messi had two goals and an assist after a game in which Altanta United offered little resistance. The game was decided in the first half when the Florida team scored three goals.

Minute 90: The arbitrator adds two minutes of compensatory time.

Robinson collapses in front of the porter. The fifth Miami was lost.

Minute 85: iCallender apprehends Almada’s prisoner!

Minute 84: McVey is out of the area, and they take his red card.

Minuto 82: Taylor out, Campana in.

Almada remata y Callender detiene hacia un costado en minuto 79.

Messi is replaced by Robinson in the 78th minute.

Minute 76: Miguel leaves the area for the middle world and hands it to Callender.

Taylor with a rebuffed shot in the 75th minute.

Minute 71: Busquets departs for Ulloa.

Minuto 64: Messi for Martinez and then this for Taylor, who keeps Guzan busy.

Minute 62: Mosqueda with a high and safe range.

Minute 60: Mosqueda is alone, but she decides to pass, and the ball is deflected by Inter’s defence.

Minute 57: Mosqueda fires a shot towards Callender’s body.

iGOOOOOOOOOL DE MIAMI! MINUTE 53: iGOOOOOOOOOL DE MIAMI! Taylor reconvened once again. Messi sent the ball to Taylor, who defines zurda, poste, and the centre of the field. ATLANTA UNITED 0, INTER MIAMI 4.

Minuto 49: Giakoumakis can’t stop a clear Atlanta arrival.

Cremaschi fires a shot that knocks Guzan out.


iGOOOOOOL DE MIAMI! minuto 44 Taylor scores from the left side, giving the filandés a 3-0 lead. ATLANTA 3, MIAMI 0. It’s a wonderful way to keep winning against the Blues. United’s defence has been a caricature in comparison to Messi’s team’s effectiveness.

Minute 41: John Lennon’s centre holds Callender without issue.

Minute 37: Almada with a long-distance shot, somewhat off-target.

Minuto 36: Giakoumakis with a powerful shot through the middle.

Minute 34: Messi receives a long-distance pass from Busquets, shoots, and Guzan catches him. There is no longer a place.

Minuto 28: Cremaschi remata de medium vuelta y lo bloquean, omitiendo Messi, quien llegaba en el momento del hat-trick.

iGOOOOOOOOOOOL DEL INTER MIAMI! Messi receives Taylor and is on his way! Sencilla plays against a defence that is staring at her. ATLANTA 2, MIAMI 0.

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