Mario Brenna from season six premiere of The Crown: Is he genuinely a photographer?

A photo that Mario Brenna took of Diana and Dodi cuddling causes chaos in The Crown season 6 part 1, as Diana is pursued everywhere she goes.

Mohamed Al-Fayed is prepared to go to great lengths in the sixth season of The Crown to ensure that his son Dodi marries Diana.

Al-Fayed hires Mario Brenna, whom he claims is the best photographer in the Mediterranean, in order to expose Dodi and Diana’s affair.

Mario Brenna discusses how people are prepared to pay a premium for celebrity photos, particularly when the proper shot is captured, which is a highly sought-after quality. To capture that shot, he claims, a photographer needs to be a killer or a hunter.

Because he isn’t afraid to take a chance to capture the perfect shot, Mario Brenna is just as well-known as the subjects of his photographs.

Ist Mario Brenna wirklich ein Fotograf?
Mario Brenna and Duncan Muir are the two photographers featured in the second episode of season six of The Crown. Mario Brenna is a real photographer who has done work for fashion houses; the latter is probably fake.

The moment he took the picture of Diana and Dodi sharing a kiss, his life and the lives of his subjects both altered. The Italian photographer’s financial problems were resolved by the picture, as he went on to sell them for an estimated £1.7 million. Brenna disagrees with The Crown’s account of the events, though.

Mario Brenna, played by Enzo Cilenti, clicks photographs of Diana and Dodi

There is disagreement over how Brenna discovered Dodi and Diana; he maintains that it was pure coincidence that he did. He was never contacted or recruited by Al-Fayed. Mario Brenna further states that, in reference to his work, he does not identify as a killer.
Everyone wanted to take pictures of this burgeoning couple after seeing the picture, which definitely raised a ruckus. Brenna was affected by Diana and Dodi’s deaths because she had grown to feel that he had encouraged the search for Diana and Dodi. He does, nevertheless, prefer to believe that someone else would have taken those images if it weren’t for him.

Mario reportedly still resides close to Lake Como in Italy and continues to shoot celebrity portraits.

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