MrBeast sued for $100m by MrBeast Burger over “disparaging” comments

The business that owns the Beast Burger eateries, Virtual Dining Concepts, is countersuing YouTube personality MrBeast for $100 million.

In order to focus on his foray in the food industry with his chocolate bar company Feastables, YouTuber MrBeast announced on June 17 that he will be “moving on” from his Beast Burger eateries.

The decision was made barely two years after he teamed up with Virtual Dining Concepts and created more than 2,000 “ghost kitchens” to distribute Beast Burger all throughout the United States.

MrBeast has subsequently launched a lawsuit against the firm, as originally reported by Bloomberg, for their quality control issues, with consumers labeling the cuisine as “disgusting,” “revolting,” and “inedible.” Additionally, the YouTube star alleged that despite the company’s success, he hasn’t received any cash from them.

Responding to the lawsuit, Virtual Dining Concepts said that it was “riddled with false statements and inaccuracies” and filed a countersuit for “failing to honour his contractual obligations.”

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