Netflix now offers video game streaming as well.

The official Netflix of games has arrived, according to Netflix’s first test of cloud gaming. Netflix now offers video game streaming as well.

The first open trials for Netflix’s cloud-streamed games have begun. Starting on Monday, certain Netflix users in Canada and the UK will be able to watch Netflix games that are streamed from to a few TVs, connected TV devices, and online.

The vice president of gaming at Netflix, Mike Verdu, described it as a “limited beta test” for a “small number of members,” so not all Canadian and British subscribers will get it right now. Even though this first launch is modest, it nonetheless represents a potentially significant turning point for Netflix’s gaming aspirations.In November 2021, the corporation introduced its free reward for subscribers—mobile gaming. The company’s titles are currently exclusively accessible on iOS and Android devices. By bringing games to TVs and web browsers through cloud streaming, users may be able to access Netflix content in a lot more locations, and Netflix may start to compete with other services for gamers’ attention on TVs and PCs.

Here are the TVs and connected TV devices that will support Netflix’s games for now:

  • Amazon Fire TV streaming media players
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • LG TVs
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Roku devices and TVs
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Walmart Onn

Verdu promises that more devices will be added “on an ongoing basis.”

Right now, two games are offered: the original Oxenfree (created by Night School Studio, which Netflix now owns), and Molehew’s Mining Adventure, a brand-new game that Verdu characterizes as a “gem-mining arcade game.”

You’ll use your smartphone to play games while watching TV. According to spokeswoman Chrissy Kelleher, the controller will be available through the Netflix app on Android, but you’ll need to download a separate controller app for iOS. (Yes, the one that eerily surfaced last week in the App Store.) If you have access to online games, you’ll use a mouse and keyboard to play them.

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I haven’t played any of the games that Netflix streams, so I can’t speak to how they play in real life. Given Netflix’s extensive background in streaming video, I anticipate that everything is running rather well. However, any streaming issues will be far more bothersome in a video game than they would be if you were watching a Stranger Things episode.

I’m willing to guess Netflix won’t mind if there are a few kinks because it’s obviously beginning small to allow itself time to work out any kinks. And since Netflix sees cloud gaming as a “value add,” which is more in line with Microsoft’s strategy than Google’s unsuccessful Stadia plan, I’d assume it doesn’t require cloud gaming to function flawlessly right away.

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