One Piece: Can Luffy use Gear 5 at will?

Luffy uses Gear 5 in One Piece 1100 for the second time – does that mean he can use it well?

Gorosei refers to Luffy’s devil fruit as “the most ridiculous power in the world” in One Piece. Over the course of more than 20 years, the story developed Luffy’s abilities as it changes from a common Paramecia-type to a legendary Zoan fruit. The World Government concealed its existence for numerous millennia due to the extreme risk posed by this power.

Whether it’s fate or Shanks’s careful preparation, Luffy is left in control. Nobody was aware that his “gum-gum fruit” was actually a mythical type of human fruit called Nika. Last year, the anime series introduced Luffy’s new form, which went viral online.

Now, several months later, Luffy took on this form again. His opponent this time is Rob Lucci, someone he defeated Enies Lobby. Lucci and the other CP0 agent are in Egghead to kill Vegapunk on Gorosei’s orders. Luffy sees an injured Atlas and gets enraged enough to take on the devastating form that defeated the King of the Beasts, Kaido.

Can Luffy transform into Gear 5 at will in One Piece?

Yes, Luffy can use Gear 5 at will. He knows how to adjust his heartbeat and then take on the form of a literal god, Nika. However, he doesn’t know who the Sun God Nika is. Luffy instinctively knows what triggers his transformation. In the recent episode, he gets angry after seeing Atlas injured and adjusts his heartbeat to match the Drums of Liberation.

It isn’t evident from his lack of an interior monologue what he thinks about this capability specifically. Ultimately, his abrupt awakening surprised him just as much as it did his admirers. But he tells Bonney that’s how he appears when he’s free when she questions him about his metamorphosis.

Luffy’s concise explanation of his abilities makes sense, especially in light of the actual background of the devil fruit. Once reawakened, his Paramecia-type Gomu Gomu no Mi becomes a Mythical Zoan-type Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika.

Slaves have regarded the legendary warrior Nika as the Sun God since prehistoric times. According to Dr. Vegapunk, Nika’s existence is only referenced in the oldest texts and is absent from more contemporary ones.

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