My Hero Academia teases fans with Deku and Bakugo collaboration

My Hero Academia recently teased fans with a possible Deku and Bakugo collaboration in the special comics released for the manga’s grand success.

With an astounding 100 million copies sold, Kohei Horikoshi’s well-known shonen superhero manga My Hero Academia recently rose to the top of the Weekly Shonen Jump bestseller list. In honor of this achievement, the writer published a number of limited-edition comics for each of Japan’s most popular regions.

MHA characters converse with one another about particular places in Japan in the special comics. Fans were particularly interested in the tiny manga for Tokyo. The top three characters from the most current MHA popularity survey are Bakugo, Deku, and Todoroki in the comic for Tokyo.

The big three of MHA aren’t the only thing that draw notice in this cartoon. Fans are hopeful that their exchange indicates a potential future partnership between Bakugo and Deku.

Deku informs Bakugo in the Tokyo comic panel that Roppongi would be the ideal location for their Hero agency as All Might already had his Hero agency there if they were to establish one in the future. In one of his trademark comedic outbursts, Bakugo replies that he hasn’t chosen and therefore doesn’t know.

Todoroki, ever curious and deadpan, asks the duo if they are planning to start a Hero agency together somewhere in the future.

Though the panel is only created to celebrate the success of the manga, My Hero Academia fans are really excited about the possibility of a Deku and Bakugo collaborating in the future. As the protagonist and the deuteragonist, they share a special bond that has been a core part of the story ever since the beginning. The two opening a Hero agency together at the end would be the perfect conclusion to the story.

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