One Piece Chapter 1107 release date: Who are the Giant pirates?

One Piece: Who are Dorry and Brogy?

Something significant about Dorry and Brogy will soon be revealed in the One Piece manga, but who are they exactly?

There are a ton of characters in the lengthy series One Piece to keep track of. The Final Saga’s Egghead Island storyline is featured in both the manga and anime. Along with chronicling Luffy’s landing on Egghead, the arc also has a flashback to the Reverie and the main battles taking place in the New World.

In addition, the arc at last presents Dr. Vegapunk, one of the enigmatic individuals. The true struggle against Saturn and Kizaru, however, is still ongoing; therefore, the Egghead arc is far from finished. Additionally, the entire island is in danger due to a buster call made by the Marines.

On the other hand, Dorry and Brogy—two characters that were rather early in One Piece—are temporarily brought back in this arc. Explore more to learn more about them and their significance to the Final Saga.There are One Piece Chapter 1106 spoilers in this post, so beware!

Who are Dorry and Brogy in One Piece?

An image of Shanks in Elbaf of One Piece

Giants from Elbaf Island named Dorry and Brogy first appeared in One Piece’s Arabasta Saga’s Little Garden arc. This is the series’ second saga. They were both the leaders of the Giant Warrior Pirates around 102 years ago, but they split up after a disagreement.

They started squabbling in Little Garden. But because they were evenly matched, they battled for a century without a winner. The Straw Hats first encountered giants when they came to the odd island around two years ago. They also discovered that giants live far longer than average people.

Even after all that arguing, they continued to respect each other. But Brogy prevailed because of Baroque Works’ intervention. Putting their disagreements aside, Dorry picked up the pieces and went back to being friends with Brogy, accepting his loss with pride.

The giants’ pride in their military status captivated Luffy and Usopp, who both revered them. They even agreed to get together on Elbaf eventually. After then, the giants vanished from the series and only made a fleeting appearance every few years.

They were, however, having fun with Shanks and his group throughout the Egghead storyline. After Eustass Kid arrived in Elbaf and challenged the Yonko, they even launched an attack on his ship. Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1106 state that Brogy and Dorry arrive on Egghead and blow up a marine ship.

Though they are surprised to see them alive, the Marines can readily recognize them. The two show up for the Sun God Nika, or rather, Straw Hat Luffy. They appear to want something from Luffy, and they are aware of his newfound abilities. After all, the giants have been waiting for Nika’s return for decades and have faith in him.

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