One Piece Chapter 1106 might validate Luffy’s fate.

We’ll investigate what the world’s smartest guy says about Luffy as the tide changes in One Piece Chapter 1106.

While One Piece’s Egghead Island chapter keeps surprising us with incredible suspenseful moments at every turn of the page, Dr. Vegapunk—the world’s smartest man—may have disclosed Luffy’s fate by verifying what was at most a hint at what had previously been stated. The potential pirate king might have more in store for himself than just a Straw Hat crown.

The most One Piece does in terms of “destiny” in storytelling is a few subtle hints here and there and the history of wherever the Straw Hat crew ends up on their adventures, where they often become the saviors of the inhabitants of the islands they visit. That liberating attitude may be second nature for Luffy, as Dr. Vegapunk declares. Spoilers for Chapter 1106 ahead!

What’s happening in One Piece Chapter 1106?

Luffy’s short lunch has been quite helpful in his recuperation from the bout. Jewelry Bonney learns from Dr. Vegapunk that although the Pacifista are robotic replicas of Bartholomew Kuma, Vegapunk can’t bear the thought of Bonney suffering harm at the hands of someone who even somewhat resembles her father, and he puts in a failsafe when Bonney holds the highest power over the Pacifista.

As the mechanical troops switch sides, Kizaru grudgingly intervenes to remove Bonney and Kuma without incident. However, Luffy’s Gear 5 fist comes roaring in, knocking the admiral unconscious and sending shivers across Egghead Island as he gets ready for battle.

As the chapter comes to an optimistic close, we finally see who the mysterious arrival is on Egghead Island; it’s the giants from Little Garden, Dorry, and Broggy, who were last seen with Shanks attacking Eustass Kid’s crew. Referring to Luffy as the “Sun God,” as Vegapunk also states.

Vegapunk calls Luffy “Sun God Nika” in One Piece chapter 1106

After Luffy launches some space-going Gear 5 in response to Saint Saturn’s attack on Vegapunk, Vegapunk informs Bonney that Luffy is, in reality, the “Sun God Nika” that Bartholomew Kuma has always looked up to. It sounds a lot like Luffy, a fighter of freedom who would set the downtrodden free and make everyone rejoice. We would be inclined to trust the world’s brightest guy if Vegapunk also thought so.

With all the fighting between Luffy, Rob Lucci, and Kizaru, it’s amazing that Vegapunk and Jewelry Bonney had not yet witnessed Gear 5 in action. Nevertheless, because Luffy’s Devil Fruit’s actual identity has been revealed to us as the “Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika” instead of the Gum-Gum Fruit he understands it to be, the two, along with Kuma, finally witness the Sun God’s abilities in action.

Prophecy and fate were not used as a storytelling device in One Piece until the figures known as “Joy Boy” and “Nika” entered the conflict. As we get toward the last chapter, Luffy’s destiny may be revealed. Among the other notable characters are Vegapunk, the most clever man in the world, and Zunesha, the enormous elephant that carries a Zou and formerly knew Joy Boy.

Luffy has stated on Fish-Man Island that he has never aspired to play the part of a “hero,” despite his actions suggesting otherwise. But his concerns about becoming a hero are frequently childish, so it’s debatable what he believes a hero is and does.

As the excitement builds on Egghead Island, we’ll leave you wondering. Is it possible for Luffy to accept the role of “Nika,” a liberation hero for others? He would only want to carry on with his journey, therefore the majority of evidence point to no. In any case, we’ll have to wait and see what transpires in One Piece’s upcoming thrilling chapter.

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