Reacher Season 3: Everything we know

Now that Reacher Season 2 is over, are you looking forward to Season 3? With this compilation of all the information currently available about the third season of the Prime Video series, you’re covered.

Reacher’s second season, which offered up another exciting case for ex-army wanderer Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) to investigate, was a suitable sequel to its first.

Mystery, romance, and, most importantly, bone-crunching fight scenes were all there in Season 2, which followed Lee Child’s burly hero as he looked into a plot against the 110th MP Special Investigations Unit, his former team.

You can probably’t wait for more now that Reacher has finally served justice to the villains from Season 2. Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Season 3!

When will Reacher Season 3 be available?

Although the official release date for Reacher Season 3 is still unknown, we can estimate when it will happen.

Season 3 is presently under production. Therefore, by the end of 2024, the third batch of episodes may be completed. This would coincide with the December 2023–January 2024 release window for Season 2.

In the event that Prime Video chooses to follow the timeline from Season 1, however, Jack Reacher’s small-screen comeback won’t happen until February 2025. In any case, you ought to treat both of these approximations with caution.

When the release date for Season 3 is confirmed, we’ll update this area.

Reacher Season 3 cast – Who will star in it?

To date, only Jack Reacher himself Alan Ritchson is locked in for Reacher Season 3.

Maria Sten is the most likely of the remaining key cast members to make a second appearance. In Seasons 1 and 2, Sten plays Frances Neagley, Reacher’s former army companion. Sten may play Neagley a third time because he appears frequently in the Jack Reacher novels. Regarding her involvement for Season 3, there is presently no information available.

There’s also a chance that some of the cast members from Seasons 1 and 2 may appear in Season 3. After all, Malcolm Goodwin’s Oscar Finlay made a one-episode reappearance in the second season. Nevertheless, there’s no word about any planned guest appearances of this nature.

Additional cast details will be added to this area as soon as they are available.

Is there a Reacher Season 3 plot?

Amazon Studios hasn’t released an official Reacher Season 3 plot synopsis. We also don’t yet know which of Lee Child’s books it’s based on, either.

The sequence of the books—both inside the universe and according to publication—is useless because the program disregards both of them. While Book 1 served as the basis for Season 1, Killing Floor, Book 11 served as the inspiration for Season 2. Because of this, Jack Reacher’s canonical works might be consulted at any point by showrunner Nick Santora and his crew.

Right now, Alan Ritchson is the source of both of the hints we have. In a few recent interviews, Reacher’s leading man hinted to the source material for Season 3. Notably, in an interview with, he informed Cinemablend that the literary counterpart of the third season is “on every Top 10 list” and that it will transport Jack to “a new world.”

Ritchson also recently shared a selfie from the Season 3 set of himself in costume as Reacher, caked in mud. The accompanying caption didn’t supply any further context, however, some fans are convinced Ritchson snapped the pic after shooting a key scene from Book 2, Die Trying.

Since then, Ritchson has uploaded a picture of a lobster on Instagram, which might provide further story details. The photo, which was taken inside the catering tent from Reacher Season 3, featured Jack Reacher’s catchphrase, “details matter.”

This led to rumors that the word “lobster” was a reference to Maine and suggested that the third season will take place in the US state. If this is true, it means that Persuader, not Die Trying or any other book by Child, is the basis for Season 3.

As soon as they become available, the official synopsis for Season 3 and any additional story elements will be posted here.

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