Sweet Home Season 2: What or who is the daughter of Yi-kyung?

A dramatic and intricate curveball is added to Netflix’s Sweet Home Season 2, as Yi-kyung’s plot involves the birth of her daughter, Ah-yi.

As viewers may recall, Yi-kyung’s fiancé was a scientist, and he worked as a fireman in the first season. She seems to have another goal in mind as the monster apocalypse takes place. It quickly becomes clear that her fiancé is involved in the virus epidemic. In the K-drama, it is also revealed that she is expecting.

She is informed that her task is far from done and returns to the troops after the survivors are brought in by the military. With Sweet Home Season 2, Yi-kyung’s ongoing tale receives an astounding addition that will alter everyone’s destiny.

Yi-kyung’s daughter will bring forth either absolute disaster or redemption. Now let’s get started! There will be spoilers ahead!

Yi-kyung’s daughter appears in Sweet Home Season 2 as a new kind of monster.

Since Yi-kyung’s daughter is probably the first monster to be born of a human, it is unknown what Yi-kyung’s daughter is. She poses a serious threat because of her hatred of people and her mysterious powers.

Fans will be left in shock when Yi-kyung is in the lab on the hunt to look for her fiancé, whom she still believes is alive. Dr. Lim’s story reveals he is a broken-down, unresponsive, skeleton version of himself that has been experimented on. There’s something different about him that’s left unexplained.

As Yi-kyung finds him, she breaks down and begins to feel extreme pain. Taking off her protective gear, her stomach begins to grow at an alarming rate, and she sees the baby trying to break free. As the stadium is bombed, she heads to the frozen lake and tries to push.

However, the lake splits, drowning her. The baby gives birth on its own while still attached to the umbilical chord, and it swims to the surface with Yi-kyung following after. When Yi-kyung awakens, he sees a charred newborn nibbling on the cord and coated in sludge.
In Sweet Home Season 2, a year has gone by, and Yi-kyung has made an effort to hide Ah-yi, her daughter. However, Ah-yi appears to be very distinct from other monsters. Despite having a human appearance from birth, she was able to perceive other people’s inner hopes and wishes after only one touch. She turns everyone she comes into contact with into monsters at the same moment, yet Ah-yi can also communicate with and control them.

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