T-Series launches a fight against Mr. Beast as the YouTuber gets closer to the most subscribers.

Indian music record label T-Series is urging YouTube viewers to unite as MrBeast inches closer to overtaking them as the platform’s most-subscribed channel.

After defeating PewDiePie in 2019, T-Series is ramping up to hold onto its title as the largest YouTube channel globally.

With his own devoted following of 251 million and growing, Mr. Beast is rapidly catching up to the record label’s current 263 million subscribers.

T-Series issued a call to action on April 15th, seemingly feeling that their reign of supremacy may end abruptly. The appeal urged its supporters to “unite and create history.”

The video begins with a quote from T-Series founder Gulshan Kumar, who says he wants to put India and its people at the top of the international platform, urging the country’s citizens to come together and make his dream a reality.

The video then instructs users to subscribe to become a “vital member of our musical family” and “join us on this incredible musical journey.”

The declaration of war comes just six months after MrBeast hit 200M subscribers and vowed to get revenge for PewDiePie, who lost the race to 100,000,000 subs against T-Series years ago in a famous battle that had the entire internet watching with bated breath.

“This is just the beginning. Now it’s time we rally and pass T-Series to avenge PewDiePie,” he said.

MrBeast has seen T-Series’ video, but his response is comparatively lackluster. After hearing about the record label’s call to action on X, the YouTuber simply replied with an “eyes” emoji and didn’t say a single word.

It’s not clear exactly what MrBeast has cooking, but given how extravagant his videos are, fans are expecting a big counterattack as the race to 300M subs heats up.

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