Taylor Swift’s viral “death glare” in response to the Golden Globes joke

Awards season is now underway, whether you like it or not. Taylor Swift’s “death stare” at the Golden Globes has already gone viral.

Movie and television fans can never seem to agree on whether or not they enjoy award season, and when it comes to importance, the Golden Globes always rank last.

Even so, it’s always a happy occasion when a crowd favorite triumphs, even more so when mishaps occur and viral memes are created.

This time, Taylor Swift has had to bear the brunt of a host’s less-than-savory joke, prompting her “death glare” to go viral.

Taylor Swift’s viral “death glare” in response to the Golden Globes joke

Taylor Swift’s “death glare” following a joke at the 2024 Golden Globes has gone viral, and fans are fully in Swift’s corner.

Variety released the video online, in which Swift is seen laughing at a joke that host Jo Koy cracked during the event.

What’s the main distinction between the NFL and the Golden Globes? Koy said, “We have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes.” There was merely a quiet chuckle in return.
Then, the camera pans straight to Swift, who is still sipping from her drink with a stern face.

The hosts of the Golden Globes and other award shows have faced criticism in the past for their poorly thought-out gags; Ricky Gervais is especially notorious for offending guests.

Unsurprisingly, the internet’s Swiftes had something to say about it.

“Taylor Swift wasn’t amused. I don’t know if the best jokes are the ones the subject will laugh at. This one missed the mark, tbh,” one fan posted on X/Twitter. “They say looks can kill and she might try,” a second weighed in.

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“Oh man, we got the wrong guy,” a third user commented, with a fourth responding, “That landed with a giant thud and a death glare from Swift. Not Jo Koy’s best moment.”

“That didn’t take long, adding this to the X gif library. I honestly thought Koy’s joke was pretty benign, but what a treasure this new GIF will be. I think it’ll give the iconic Denzel GIF a run for its money. She’s such a vibe,” another fan summed up.

Swift came away from the Golden Globes empty-handed, despite her astronomical box-office success with her Eras Tour concert movie.

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