The Kitchen ending explained

The Kitchen, Daniel Kaluuya’s dystopian directorial debut, recently debuted on Netflix. This is a complete explanation of the film’s conclusion.

Actors such as George Clooney and Bradley Cooper have chosen to take the lead and walk behind the camera; now, Daniel Kaluuya, star of Get Out and Black Mirror, is joining the fray.

Kaluuya is the author of The Kitchen, a dystopian future London set in which all social housing has been destroyed, together with Kibwe Tavares. As inhabitants of The Kitchen, a neighborhood that won’t give up on its house, Izi and Benji struggle to get by in the outside world.

Now streaming on Netflix, here’s everything you need to know about The Kitchen’s ending explained. Warning: spoilers ahead!

The Kitchen ending explained: Izi and Benji’s paths cross

The Kitchen takes place in contemporary London, yet it also has a nightmarish undercurrent. Izi (Kane Robinson) lives in an unstable apartment building in The Kitchen, a close-knit community that was uprooted from a world beyond its means and makes due with what it has. Izi has a strong disdain for authority when we first meet him, but he is also attempting to get away by arranging to pay a deposit for a single-occupancy unit in the brand-new Buena Vida residence complex. In addition, he works at Life After Life, a cutting-edge funeral home that converts departed loved ones into trees.

Benji (Jedaiah Bannerman) is attempting to acclimate to life at the same time. Viewers find out that Benji is alone in their apartment after his mother passed away recently. He decides to spend as much time as possible visiting “her” in Life After Life, where he meets Izi, and discards the birthday gifts that were supposed to be from her. Simultaneously, Benji grows connected to a local biker organization that is led by Staples (Hope Ikpoku Jr.), who takes him in following the death of his mother.

The Kitchen group deals with weekly raids that frequently become violent, while Staples pushes Benji closer to legal issues. As the community makes every effort to defend one another, the menacing Lord Kitchener (Ian Wright) attempts to speak words of peace over the radio. This also applies to Izi’s attempt to accept Benji, who is certain that Izi is acquainted with his mother.

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Izi and Benji’s relationship is tested

Staples' group in The Kitchen

They start to get along and have fun together as they spend more time together in Life After Life during the kitchen raids. On a roller night, Benji meets Ruby (Teija Kabs), and they instantly hit it off. As they keep alternating between them, Benji is being questioned by Staples and Izi about his acquaintance. For the most part, Benji stays with Izi, and they have a laid-back relationship. But all of this comes to a sudden end when Izi is authorized for single occupancy, meaning he has to move out and leave Benji behind.

When Izi requests the system to adjust the double occupancy, he is informed that if he does so, he will be sent to the back of the line. He struggles with what to do and ultimately decides to press on, offering Benji minimal notice other than attempting to dissuade him from thinking that Izi is his father. Benji and Ruby, alone in the kitchen, come into another raid that almost destroys the neighborhood. Izi thinks back on his choice while they hide together and learns that Lord Kitchener was slain in the attack while at work.

In the ending of The Kitchen, Staples and his group turn violent, waging war on residents in Buena Vida. Benji is among those breaking into flats but turns around when he sees the mistake he is making. At Benji’s house, Izi and Benji reunite, with Izi gifting Benji his mother’s plant from the funeral center. The pair return to Izi’s flat in the kitchen in the face of another raid.

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