Top Searched Actress 2023: Not Sunny Leone but this actress was the most searched actress in 2023!

Top Searched Actress 2023: Friends, now only a few days are left for 2023. In such a situation, this year was very good for many people and it was also bad for many people. Everyone is going to forget their past and enter 2024 as a new year.

Friends, recently Google has released an interesting list, they have told in their list what was searched the most in the year 2022. In this list, he has shared another interesting thing, in which it has been told which actress has been searched the most in the year 2023. You will be surprised to know that the name of the heartthrob of youth Sunny Leone is not in this list. If you also want to know this list in complete detail, then without any delay till the end of this article, let’s start this article.

This actress was searched the most in the year 2023

Google has recently shared its report. In which he has given information about the most searched film actors of the year, sports events and many other things. People were very interested in which actress was searched the most in the year 2023. As soon as Google has released this list, and people did not see the name of their favorite actress Sunny Leone in the list, then people became very sad and want to know who has defamed Sunny Leone, so I am telling you. Let me tell you that Kiara Advani has been searched the most in 2023.

Kiara Advani becomes the most searched actress

Google has recently released the list of its Top Searched Actress 2023 . Kiara Advani’s name is recorded on the top in it. She is one actress who is present in this top 10 list, otherwise apart from her, all other stars are included in this list. In this, the young opening batsman of the Indian cricket team, Shubman Gill is at the second place, while the name of New Zealand’s Rachit Ravindra is included at the third place in this list, who had performed very strongly in the recently played World Cup.

kiara advani
Kiara Advani

This was the reason for searching the most

Kiara Advani is now one of the most successful actresses of Bollywood, she has recently married Bollywood’s handsome hunk Siddharth Malhotra. Let me tell you that on 7th February in the year 2023, Kiara Advani married Bollywood star Siddharth Malhotra. Due to which people searched it the most on Google.

People were very interested in their marriage. Because of this, people were searching for her a lot, due to which she is at the first place in the list of most searched actress in the year 2023. Not only this, Kiara Advani is at ninth position in the list of most searched actresses in the world and is the only Indian in this list.

Kiara Advani Wedding
Kiara Advani Wedding

Top 10 most searched people on Google India in 2023

Kiara AdvaniActress
Shubman GillCricketer
Rachin RavindraCricketer
Mohammed ShamiCricketer
Elvish YadavYouTuber
Sidharth MalhotraActor
Glenn MaxwellCricketer
David BeckhamFootballer
Suryakumar YadavCricketer
Travis HeadCricketer

Most searched people worldwide on Google in the year 2023

Jeremy RennerActor
Jenna OrtegaActress
Ichikawa EnnosukeKabuki Actor
Danny MastersonActor
Peter PascalActor
Jamie FoxxActor
Brendan FraserActor
Russell BrandComedian
Kiara AdvaniActress
Matt RifeComedian

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