Watch Dogs movie: All thing we know about the new video game adaptation

Following confirmation that a cinematic version of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is in development, here is all we know about the movie before it opens.

With Bloodline for Watch Dogs: Legion being the most recent significant DLC, fans of the game have been severely lacking in material in recent years.

Although there have been ups and downs with the game, Watch Dogs has always maintained a very devoted audience since there isn’t much else like it, even in the face of Ubisoft’s developers being virtually radio silent.

Although there hasn’t been much activity from Ubisoft on a new game, a movie based on the renowned franchise has been revealed. Here’s all we know about the Watch Dogs movie for those who are eager.

Is there a Watch Dogs movie release date?

At the time of writing, neither Watch Dogs film director Turi or the studios behind it has a specific release date, and neither did Deadline’s initial report. 

Unsurprisingly, details have yet to surface on any potential release window, as it’s clear the film is early into production. However, we will update you here when we know more. 

Watch Dogs cast & crew: Who is working on the film? 

According to a report from Deadline, the film will be produced by New Regency Pictures and Ubisoft Film & Television. So far, there’s three main producers attached to the film, with Yariv Milchan and Natalie Lehmann from New Regency and Margaret Boykin from Ubisoft. 

Victoria Bata made adjustments to Christie LeBlanc’s original screenplay, which will be directed by French filmmaker Mathieu Turi. The Deep Dark and Meander are among the most well-known movies that Turi has directed.

Additionally, he is now committed to the TV series adaptation of A Plague Tale: Innocence, which was announced back in March 2022. LeBlanc is well-known for penning the script for the popular science fiction movie Oxygen on Netflix.

Talk To Me breakout star Sophie Wilde is in discussions to play the lead role in the movie. But other from Wilde, no other performers have been confirmed for the movie.

Watch Dogs movie plot: What will it be about?

Currently, there are no details about what the Watch Dogs movie will be about. However, like recent video game adaptations, the film could be a direct adaptation of the first game.

We will update you here when we know more.

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